The Last Airbender gets another shot at video games in an unlikely place

The characters from both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are coming to MOBA Smite as character skins. koragame

Aang, Zuko, and Korra are generally getting two skins to speak to them. Both of Aang’s skins are for Merlin and you can get him in his exemplary outfit or his shirtless Avatar structure, total with gleaming bolts and eyes. Zuko’s skins are for Susano and you can have the long-haired neighborly Zuko we find in the third period of the show or him in his Blue Spirit outfit. Korra’s skins are for Skadi, and you can get her exemplary outfit or her short-haired Avatar structure from the last season.

While it appears to be that players can get the essential skins all alone, the Avatar structures and the Blue Spirit skin may be accessible from the fight pass.

How Avatar: The Last Airbender stood the trial of time

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Understand THIS

Destroy isn’t new to the most apparently arbitrary of joint efforts. It recently had a RWBY fight pass, including the four fundamental young ladies as character skins.

The Avatar arrangement has had various computer games on a plenty of stages. We’ve gotten games about the first pack, Korra, and even a computer game adaption of the true to life The Last Airbender film. This is the first occasion when we’re seeing the Avatar team in a computer game since The Legend of Korra computer game in 2017.

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