Taking Care of Your ufabet Is Taking Care of Your Business

The ufabet is the mirror of the soul and further more a sound track of the spirit. The human ear can perceive emotional and physical changes in a person by the way ones’ voice sounds. Listen to your own voice. Being aware of what your ufabet is telling you and taking care of it can prevent vocal injuries.

A professional voice user is anyone who uses his or her voice to make a living. Many professional voice users from teachers, customer service operators, coaches, athletes, singers, pastors and public speakers often suffer from voice problems. One common voice problem is called vocal fold nodules. Nodules are calluses on the vocal folds caused by overuse. Others include hoarseness and complete loss of voice. Taking care of your voice can help you to avoid voice problems. The care of the voice is called vocal hygiene. Vocal Hygiene tips include:


Hydration is key for optimum function of the voice. Drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water per day will help to provide moisture for effective vocal fold function. The goal is to drink until your urine is pale. Steaming or humidifying are ways to provide moisture to your vocal folds for better voicing.

Avoid irritants.

An irritant is anything that irritates the vocal folds. You can help your voice by avoiding drugs, foods and environmental agents that can irritate your voice by causing dryness, mucous and reflux.

Some examples of “drying” irritants are caffeine (coffee, soda, tea), smoke (cigarette or marijuana), diuretics, chocolate, alcohol, menthol (mints, gum and cough drops) and antihistamines.

To reduce excessive mucous, stay away from nuts, dairy, hormones, allergens/pollutants and dust. Drinking plenty of water thins mucous and allows it to drain.

Spicy, fatty and acidic foods can upset your stomach and cause acid reflux. Reflux travels up the esophagus onto vocal folds and irritates the tissues.

Some other irritants are aspirin and ibuprofen, birth control pills and fatigue. Pay attention to your body! When your body is tired, your voice is tired.

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