Sustainable Success Is Built on the Foundation of Your Personal Brand

You will always have Your Brand to Fall Back on

The best security you have to ensure that, despite any challenges or setbacks you may face, you are able to bounce back and continue travelling down the path to success, is a brand, which people can depend upon. Who you are speaks volumes and when you live in alignment with a consistent brand, which adds real value to the people around you. Your brand will stand the test of time World Brands, allowing you to triumph over adversity, earn the support and buy in of people who matter, allowing you to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Shaping your Brand

Your authentic brand must obviously be aligned with your mission and vision for the future. So when designing your brand and crafting your brand statement, it is crucial that you ensure, you craft it to support, both your mission and vision for the future.

Developing your Brand Statement

Examine your mission and vision for the future. Try to discover an authentic brand, which is in alignment with both, but is a true reflection of who you are. People will very quickly see through you, if you are not authentic and you are trying to reflect an image to the world, which is false and not who you really are inside. Build a crystal clear picture in your mind of what that brand is and find one word which encapsulates that image. This one word will now form the foundation for crafting your brand statement.

Who are you, What do you do and Who do you service

Using that one word, which encompasses and describes your brand and what you stand for as a starting point, start to craft your brand statement. Your brand statement is effectively a statement which aligns you and what you stand for with your mission and vision. My brand statement is “I share the gift of inspiration with high performance business professionals”

Action Idea: Now invest the time to craft your own brand statement. Strive to ensure that it reflects who you really are, what you stand for and that it is aligned with your mission and vision.

Packaging your Brand

If you think about any great brands, such as Apple, Starbucks, Harley Davidson or Nike, they all have a story behind their brand, which we can relate to on an emotional level. Their stories allow us to get to know them, connect with them and in many cases even fall in love with the brand. Ask any loyal Harley rider or Apple computer user, if they would consider using any other brand and they will give you a quizzical look and shake their head. Every great brand that exists out there has a fantastic narrative, which is compelling and awe inspiring. One which arouses emotions illustrates what they stand for and illuminates the values they project to the world.

Action Idea: Explore your own story, which defines who you are and what values you stand for. This is one of the most difficult parts of the process and requires you to open your mind and to allow it to walk freely into your past. Explore your life and uncover a few stories you remember from your childhood or any stories in your life, which were defining moments for you.

This is a very difficult step, if you are struggling to come up with any stories. Interview your family, or friends who you have shared a common history with and try to piece together stories, which could help you to have stories to support your brand.

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