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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

mod‧el‧ling British English, demonstrating American English/ˈmɒdl-ɪŋ $ ˈmɑː-/thing [uncountable]

1 crafted by a style model

a vocation in demonstrating

2 the way toward making a logical or PC model of something to show how it functions or to comprehend it better

displaying of

PC displaying of the framework

monetary demonstrating

3 the movement of making models of items

Models from the Corpus


• But then Twiggy, who at this point had changed from displaying to acting, went along and won his love.

• It has improved illustrations includes as well, for conceptual numerical demonstrating, and new selectable text styles.

PC displaying

• Advanced PC displaying procedures have been created to reenact the refining cycle.

• The other options – contemplating individuals, tissue culture, PC displaying and so forth – are really utilized considerably more than creature examines.

• A wide scope of programming is upheld, including pro measurable bundles, information bases, and programming for PC displaying.

• Experience in the utilization of PC displaying is profoundly attractive and a serious extent of numeracy is basic.

• Its figures depend on PC displaying methods to foresee the outcomes of strategies before they appear in public measurements.

• Without PC displaying, the specialist is compelled to take easy routes by assessing less plan choices.

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