5 Ways To Improve Your Leap Vertical

One of the key components to dominating any sport or competitive physical activity is leg power. It’s been said by experts, athletes and sports enthusiasts again and again. To improve leap vertical (jump higher and more powerful than ever before) you must train using specific techniques that have been refined countlessly over the last ten years. This article includes 5 ways to improve your leap vertical using time tested training strategies. It should be noted that a program is absolutely necessary to kk-leap make concrete improvements to your leap vertical

The 5 strategies listed below will be incredibly helpful in achieving results to your leap vertical. Although in order to truly improve leap vertical and obtain the benefits of an unmatched vertical jump, you must use the aid of a professional program. The methods listed below supplement the professional program, but not the other way around. After spending 3 years (and spending too much money in trial and error) researching the best possible leap vertical program on the market, I have finally found one. It is listed at the end of this article for your convenience. I’ve done this to save you the time and aggrivation I faced when looking for just the right product that would show me immediate results.

Improve Leap Vertical – Strategy #1
Coordinate the swinging of your arms with the jump. Swinging your arms up forcefully and fast will give your leap vertical a boost. You can gain up to 15% improvement with this strategy alone if performed effectively.

Improve Leap Vertical – Strategy #2
Improve your inner abdominal strength. No, we’re not talking about doing 1000 crunches or 300 sit-ups in a row. Although that will help, those exercises target your external abdominal muscles. What we’re going for here is inner strength. To increase inner abdominal strength, suck in your stomach while taking a deep breath. Pretend your spine is sucking in your belly button from the inside. Hold this position for 20-25 seconds and release. Perform this exercise in one set with 5 repetitions. You should do this 3-4 times a week and never two days in a row. You’ll feel the lift of your internal organs within about a week. This exercise will make your midsection feel lighter and improve your core stength.

Improve Leap Vertical – Strategy #3
Visualize your jump. This idea sounds simple, but it is in fact one of the most effective ways to see immediate gains when trying to improve your leap vertical. Use a piece of tape on the backboard or wall you are measuring against. Mark each sequential jump with a piece of tape on the wall. Prior to each jump visualize your hand hitting above the tape on the wall. Picture your body exploding into the air in one streamlined, coordinated movement. Say aloud “My legs are powerful and my body is light as a feather”. It may sound like an oversimplified solution, but will power can drive the body to do extraordinary things.

Improve Leap Vertical – Strategy #4
Building the Tibialis Anterior muscle in both legs is a sure way to gain inches and improve leap vertical. This is the muscle that resides on your shins, opposite of your calfs. You can do all the calf raises in the world, but if the Tibialis Anterior is not worked and developed, your lower leg strength will plateau. So how do you build up this muscle? The exercise I recommend is walking around on your heels without letting the ball of your foot touch the floor. Perform this exercise in 5 minute intervals until you feel the muscle burn. This exercise will not only improve jumping power, but also protect you from getting shin splints.

Improve Leap Vertical – Strategy #5
This is a trick known as Waveloading. It’s a way of tricking your nervous system. What you want to do is you load up your body with weight. You can use wrist and leg weights or hold dumb bells. Holding a medicine ball would work well also. When you load your body with this weight, your body recruits more motor units in your muscles. When you eventually drop the weight and jump on your own, the muscles in your body will overcompensate and you will jump higher and with much greater force. Try this exercise three times a week in 3 sets with Reps of 10 or 15. You’ll see measurable improvement after the first week.

These exercises will help a great deal, but to achieve your full potential you MUST have professional help. The program below is one that I recommend after researching “Improve Leap Vertical” programs for just over three years. Save money by choosing a program that has been time tested and works. This program is filled with every resource you will need to Improve Your Vertical Jump.


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