A real life artwork

I was amazed to discover Primtings, which takes a real life artwork by a Master and then they make it 3D and display the original picture beside the 3D one, giving new meaning to, “making art come to life.” This type of art was displayed on another sim under a different name when I first came into SL and it was fun to rediscover this fun style of art, especially since the original 3D museum closed.

This gives my creativity an outlet and a forum to display my art! I do not consider myself in the same league as Spiral Silverstar, Feathers Boa, Milly Sharple, to name a few, but I still love art and want to share what I find to be picture perfect in Second Life! I also highlight galleries that are closing and that have been in Second Life for as long as I have been there and only a few remain.

Artists bring their Real Life art projects in to Second Life and ask for volunteers to participate. I did participate in a new and exciting project in SL called, “1000+ Avatar Project” by Gracie Kendall. It’s an amazing undertaking featuring you as an avatar and how people view themselves!

Another amazing piece of art is the art you can wear; some artists take the Real Life works of the Masters and create an outfit out of that picture for you to wear!

Last, but not least was my tour of the Halloween sims; the ones that I featured had to be scary, give me the goosebumps on the back of my neck, making me shiver, and be frightened even if I was only a pixelated avatar! I loved the way they took our basic fears and scared the tar out of you! From sims with fog, to gore, scared of the dark, and clowns! There was something there for everyone! Some art galleries make the Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tales come to life some true to the tale, but others give them a twist from an adult’s perspective!

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