Being Gay – Born Or Acquired?

Their company website contact page reads: “No other opportunity even comes close to XELR8. If you’re ready to step up your health, your performance, and your income, contact XELR8-and fast. It’s time to start up your start-up.”

It should have read more like: bazinga “We are a fad MLM company and we are hoping to ride the juice craze, we too have discovered some miracle fruit and hopefully we can make past (5) years as a high percentage of “start-up” companies will fail within this time period.” So get in now and get in early, devote your time, energy, integrity and talent and let’s all cross our fingers!”

Now, of course I am being facetious, I really am. The truth is thousands of very good people, passionate distributors and fellow network marketers are currently abandoned by their company which was founded in 2006. XELR8 mainly known for their “Bazi” Juice have decided to “pursue an alternative business model resulting in the discontinuation of our XELR8 Multilevel Marketing Program in its current form.”

As one whom is extremely passionate about my primary opportunity and product, I could not imagine the feeling of keeping up my end of the bargain and having the company quit on me. It would keep me up at night as I replay the amount of presentations that I had given from my heart to the several that have not only seen and heard it, but to those whom I have led into the opportunity as well. I am certain many former XELR8 distributors are currently dealing with these emotions days removed from the announcement.

Ultimately it is a business, and business decisions are no different with network marketing companies, as they are in the traditional corporations. The truth is the business model continues to work; it’s the company that does not always comply.

Although the top leaders will find new opportunity and will have several of their downline follow them to a new home, it’s important that these leaders realize: when one leads to a dead end, they will eventually stop following.

With new business opportunities, the idea of “getting in early” and “being one of the first,” “a huge downline being built automatically under you,” are just that; ideas. Again one must weigh the percentages of this business surviving past the initial (5) years. Is it worth it? I don’t think so. With specific Binary compensation plans, (especially those with great bonuses) it rewards productivity over timing. To date, I do not know of one major network marketing model company in which their very first distributor is also their #1 income earner.

Here are 7 things that one can be mindful of following the XLER8 debacle:

1. Brand yourself! That is all you ever really own. If you can successfully do this, you will never fear change.

2. Keep it safe: select a stable company with sustained history, with room for growth. Many start-ups compensation plan is based on hype and theory and not reality. Sustained companies show proof of sustainability of payouts. Not to mention proving that it is a trend and not a “fad.” There some amazing companies that have surpassed the 10-year mark that are continuing to grow.

3. Research management. This is the group that will determine the company direction and ultimate success. Note: Greed kills.

4. Select a company that has a balance of Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y distributors. This provides balanced marketing culture and product development while keeping perpetual genealogy of future distributors. (I am weary of a company of all baby-boomers, or a company of mainly college students.)

5. Look for companies that have a fair amount of third-party studies, articles, journals, comparative guides, giving credibility to the product. Too many companies have only their own advertising materials that give “testimony” to the efficacy of their products. (c’mon, how many miracle fruits are left the most remote areas of our planet that will become the next juice? This also applies for every new nutritional company with a “unique” technique or selling point.)

6. Because health and wellness is such a tremendous field in this industry, one way to narrow it down is by researching companies that are founded by product, before being established as a company. In other words, many companies are founded by investors and management that look to purchase patents from scientists and doctors then creating a company only after the purchase and marketing “story” is fulfilled.

7. Avoid companies that pay for top distributors. I never thought that was fair for the new person enrolling today.

Success and Redemption For All,

Soomin Kim

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