Moving House Using Delivery Groupage

What Is Delivery Groupage?
If you don’t know what delivery groupage is, then you may not be aware of exactly how it can help you save money. Firstly, you’ll need to know a little about the transport industry, and how delivery, courier, haulage and removal companies work. Obviously, when, say, a delivery company takes on a job, there’s only so much that logistics and planning can do. If you have a vehicle which has a payload of, say 2000kg, it’s very rare that you will have exactly the right amount of goods or items to fill it. This means that this extra space should be filled in order to make the most of the fuel and vehicle costs carried by the delivery company. Indeed, an increasingly large section of the transport and logistics community are seeing this as essential to saying afloat in these tough economic times.

Moving House With Delivery Groupage
It’s an excellent idea to use delivery groupage to try to reduce the cost of your next house move. If you have a reasonable amount of flexibility, then you can really make the most of delivery groupage, and save a huge proportion of your removal costs. Not only that, but you will also be doing your bit in terms of being eco friendly.

How Do I Start Using Delivery Groupage?
Firstly, you need to remember that almost every transport and haulage vehicle on our roads travels empty or with a part load up to 50 per cent of the time. This means that there’s a lot of opportunity to find space on vehicles. Obviously, phoning around each company individually is unfeasible. It would take you a very long time, and your time is valuable, especially around moving time. The most efficient way to get bids from courier, delivery, haulage and removal companies is to use a delivery auction site. This service matches you with delivery companies going in that direction anyway, and will make the whole process easier. What’s more, the community powered nature of it means that you get ratings, reviews and verification of each company, so you can choose the company that you think suits you best.

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