Types of Visas for the Emirate With the Highest GDP Per Capita in the World

If you are not from Qatar but wish to visit the country with the highest GDP per capita in the world, you will need a visa, which serves like a passport to the country. There are different visas for Qatar, so make sure you get the correct type for the purpose of your visit.

The tourist visa is for visiting purposes. The visa is valid for two weeks from arrival, and is available for people from 33 different countries. The visa can be extended for an additional two weeks, where a hotel booking or relatives staying in the country is needed. The visas can also be arranged by hotel or tourist operators.

Business visas are valid for two capitalforbusiness weeks but can be extended for two weeks or longer at the airport’s immigration. An exit visa is only necessary if the person using the business visa had stayed longer than four weeks.

Work visas are valid for three months and are arranged by their employer. You may need police clearance to enter the country. The expatriates will also need resident permits, which their companies will arrange for them. A health check will be needed for this, including blood test and chest x-ray.

There are occasions when workers will want to bring their family along, but they will need to sponsor their own family. For this, the worker will need to arrange for their resident permits before they can apply for family visas, in which will require relevant documents like approval letter from work, bank statement of salary for the last six months if you are working in a private company, marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates, and education certificates. You will also require passport photos of you and your family. Or, you could let them come on tourist visas before converting the visa to residence permit.

Exit visas are needed by work visa holders before they leave their country. To attain this visa, they will need to get the permission from their sponsor, as well as a guarantor who is willing to complete your visa before you can get an exit visa. Dependents that came with them will not need an exit visa.

Last of the different visas for Qatar would be visit visas, which is used for family visits and can range from one to five months, depending on whether it is an immediate or distant family.

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