Plastic Baby Bottles

What use to be something very simple is not so much any longer. Plastic baby bottles have been used for a long time, but the bottles you see in the store are not what they use to be. In fact, they are much, much better. When choosing what you want to use to feed your baby, you have so many options that you may be confused. Even breastfeeding moms may have to have a few bottles to use before it is time to wean. Make an informed choice before you buy, and the care for your bottles so they last.

There are simple baby bottles out there that you already know. These are simply the bottle, ring, and nipple. These are often the most inexpensive of plastic baby bottles, but they are also the most problematic for some children. These will create negative pressure, meaning you have to deal with collapsing nipples when your child has a stronger sucking reflex. They can also allow a lot of air to pass through to your baby, which can lead to colic. Some babies do just fine with these, but if you find your child has gas issues, you may want to go out and find something else.

The type of plastic that is used to make baby bottles is also a concern. Some believe that the plastic can leech into the milk or formula. This is also a concern with any type of plastic that you use in your home for food storage. You have to consider the validity of this when you choose. Some are made with safer plastics that keep your food purer. If you think that perhaps some of the less expensive plastic baby bottles may not be safe, don’t worry. There are some out there that you may feel better about using with your children.

If you worry about gas, there are two brands that come to mind that have special features that can help cut down on the amount of air that your baby will swallow. These are Dr Browns bottles and the Soothie brand plastic baby bottles. They come with special vents that keep much less gas from going into your baby while they are eating. These are also made with safer types of plastic. They are harder to clean, but if your baby is suffering from gas pain, you won’t mind the extra work. Dr Browns also helps alleviate the negative pressure that some simple plastic bottles can create, better mimicking feeding from the breast.

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