The New Moon Calendar is Solar Powered

The sun powered year is ten days longer than the lunar year. In this manner, for the moon to successfully be utilized to decide the Torah’s (First 5 books of the Bible) expressed reason “for seasons, and for quite a long time:” (Gen. 1:14), there should be an approach to change the more limited lunar cycle to the sun powered pattern of 365 days of the year. Without a compromise strategy, a lunar schedule would immediately get out-of-sync and totally pointless.

As we have noted in a past article, the year begins with the principal New Moon after the Vernal Equinox, which presents the start of the year and the development of rural harvests. It is now that our Creator has implicit a programmed change at regular intervals by adding a thirteenth month to the previous year.

More than three sun powered a long time there are 1095 days, and three lunar years summarizes to just 1065 days. It is now that Yah, our Creator, adds an additional 30 days to the lunar year. The accompanying New Year actually begins at the main New Moon after the Vernal Equinox, which normally happens on March 21st in the northern side of the equator. Notwithstanding, this changes the primary New Moon on the lunar schedule to 30 days after the fact on the Gregorian schedule.

The Eternal One has inherent a programmed change each third year through the lunation cycle following the twelfth month. As such, a thirteenth month is added before the principal month of the next year. Hence, every third years there is an implicit and programmed change of the lunar year to the sun oriented year.

In the event that we acknowledge Yahuweh’s actual schedule, we will have no issue searching for a thirteenth month since He will put it before us. Continuously start the New Year with the primary Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox and, if there is a thirteenth month at the earlier year’s end, it will consistently be there standing by to end an old year and start another one.

The intercalation equation that accommodates the lunar year to the sun oriented year has been recorded for millennia in old writings, however I am aware of no other author who has really associated the writings with what consistently occurs in the month to month lunation of the moon.

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