Crafters You’re Not Charging Enough – Make a Profit From Your Homecrafted Product

As a crafter, sewer, and quilter I am amazed as I pull up auction after auction and see “handcrafted” items for almost zero dollars.

I’m assuming because you’re selling on the internet you are operating a “business”. The object of a business is to make money. A PROFIT if you will. How many of you crafters can honestly say you are making a profit?

Are you one of these crafters that says “Oh, well, I’d be making them anyway so I don’t have to charge much if I just get the money I put in the materials back.” In order for you to get the money back that you have in the product you have to charge for more than just the material.

You must charge for your LABOR, you must charge for your OVERHEAD, and you MUST figure in a PROFIT.

Isn’t your time worth something, that’s the labor you charge. As a crafter charging an hourly wage would be ridiculous. We’d be asking $10,000 for an item that should sell for $300.00. The way to figure a fair labor charge when crafting is to determine a percentage, be it 5% or 10% but charge something for your labor.

What you spend on things OTHER than materials is your overhead. Internet fees, Phone (if you’re on the Internet, you have a phone bill RIGHT? electricity, gas, rent, office supplies, etc. This can also be figure as a percentage. 5%, 10% it is for you to determine. But DETERMINE it.

This is what it COSTS TO MAKE THE ITEM.


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