Decide That Wealth Is Important

Do you want to be RICH ? Yes ? Do you want to be RICH and HAPPY ? Yes ?

* Anyone who says Buy Barong Tagalog  that ‘something’ isn’t important doesn’t have any of that ‘something’. Wealthy people understand the importance of ‘money’, respects ‘money’, understands ‘money’ and the place ‘money’ has in our society. Do you ?

Whatever you focus on expands, in retrospect, whatever you DO NOT focus on eventually diminishes. This can be illustrated by the knowledge of a second or third language, in order to learn to speak another language, the best environment is an environment that only uses that language. So if we want to learn to speak Tagalog, the best place to be is to spent a couple of months in an environment that only uses Tagalog – in the Philippines. However, once we stop using Tagalog for a while, our proficiency with the language will wane and slowly buy surely, only a few simple words remain.

I spent a good six months (part-time) studying Japanese language at a local Japanese School, I did not have a chance to immerse myself in a 100% Japanese environment, but with a lot of focus, at the end of my six months, I could read text in hiragana and katakana. I was able to understand what my Japanese superiors were talking about at work. However, once I stop my classes and move on to another job that has no need of Japanese, I de-focus from the Japanese language and slowly but surely, now, I only could remember a few simple Japanese phrases.

We MUST place our focus, treat it with importance, on whatever we want NOT on what we DO NOT want. So instead of focusing on ‘No Smoking’ try focusing of ‘Stay Healthy’; they both have only 3 syllables but there is a huge difference between them.

My guru, Mr. T. Harv Eker, says ‘You are either RICH or RIGHT, You are either HAPPY or RIGHT” – choose wisely. Being RIGHT is the biggest challenge that is keeping us safe and exactly where we are NOW. Decide to be RICH and HAPPY NOW…

Whatever I say comes only from my and ONLY MY personal experiences. It does not make it right, it does not make it wrong. I urge you to take what I say here, test it, verify it, use it…and if it works for you, please keep doing it and if it does not work, you are most welcome to try something else.


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