Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization?

This is world of tablets and Smartphones in which online consumers start their quest for a product, service or support call using a search engine. According to a survey by the BIA / Kelsey group more than 97% of online consumers do same. If you’re an Entrepreneur, how can you honestly afford NOT to be associated with this massive audience? In such time your business is indexed by the results of the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing the volume of people speaking to you for your products or services will strengthen.

Here we are discussing how SEO seo dubai beneficial both for your business and website:

A. Business

Better Quality Traffic
Search Engine Optimization is a collection of techniques used to increase the visibility of a website in the search engine’s organic search results, whenever people are searching on the search engines for search terms related to your enterprise, more people will find both you and your enterprise. Once your web site is right up there, the prospects of web users clicking on it will improve. Research from Search Engine Watch recently expressed that 58 percent of the clicks are picked off by the web sites in the top 3 positions of search results of Google.

Increase Sales
The main aim of search engine optimization is to attract audiences to your website or web page through search engines. If your website or web page is among the top ranked in search results page, the more visitors you attract and consequently if you have more visitors, this will help the quantity of clicks to your website or web page obtains. This will sooner or later be a catalyst for sale.

Build Client Base
Search Engine Optimization is a very easy and effective way for a web site or web page to build a client base. As an entrepreneur you can increase your client base with SEO, certain keywords will bring your web site top in searches. A potential client could be attracted to your web site through an unrelated search and realize they need you. This is a great way to bring in clients who never knew you existed or that you could help them.

Improve Return On Investment (ROI)
The Return On Investment (ROI) from the top ranked website has better returns compared to those achieved by conventional methods of marketing. It’s globally accepted that first three positions returned for a search receive over 50 percent of users’ clicks. It means that if you are in the top three search results, you can expect that over half of the people visiting a website when performing the particular search will land on your web site. The site’s standing in the search results, increased traffic coming to your website, and cash flow you gain from it assist in computing the return on investment.

Beat Competitors
If you hope to beat the business competitors, you must know what they are doing? So one way to ensure you stay above the competition is to monitor SEO activities. Keep a close eye on the changes to your competitors are doing. Your website needs to be unique enough to jump out to potential visitors. It will help your site achieve popularity on the search engines. If your business website is not showing up in search results, you may be losing out on valuable prospective customers. Your website may be beautifully designed, and it may contain all the information relevant to your business, but if it is not among the top results in a search, your potential customers may not even see your listing. Or worse, they may go to your competitor’s website.


Increase Visitors
Web optimization assists in inserting your website among the top results in the search engines. This increases the presence of your web site when the consumer seeks out your products or services online and the traffic which you will be receiving from search engines is a free organic traffic. It is done by mapping the keywords and phrases distinct to your business, such as the products you provide. The benefit of SEO is that, even a small entrepreneur can make its brand aware, popular and visible to it’s consumer.

Higher Ranking
Search engine optimization is the practice of gaining high-ranking website, video or image listings for relevant keyword phrases on the organic search results pages of the major general search engines and higher rankings mean more customers, which can equate to higher profits.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research is a practice that used for search engine optimization to find and research actual search terms that online user enter into the search engines when conducting a search related to a product, service, and support call. Keyword research between the Webmaster and the SEM firm allows the web administrator to discover the actual word or language in which their user speaks and allows them to use that language within the Website content and make it more appealing to users.

SEO Friendly Website
Websites is a message of a business about it’s products and services, each and every one wants to spread this message, and what they can offer you as a user. That is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. Search Engine Optimization has become a valuable online marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but for a Search Engine Optimization campaign to be solid foundations, planned, successful, need to be in place. Doing things right from the offset can really reap the benefits, save time and money.

Market Analysis
Market analysis is an extremely important part of a company’s activity even before the company comes into existence. Market analysis is one of the best ways to gather information on your competitors, market and customers. In fact it is one of the simplest business marketing tools you can use to help you grow your business, better business decisions and it can provide better ideas.
When an SEO strategy created for any business, need to be aware of their market niche, and the strengths they bring to their market; SEO market analysis helps you a startup in on your niche and tailor your operations toward the market segment that is the most likely to buy your products and services.



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