impact of COVID-19

. HPV also is not a cancer, but it can bring about changes in the body which may then cause cancer, including penis cancer, anal cancer and a cancer that affects betrouwbare corona testen the throat and tongue. Many people who get HPV suffer no problems, and so they may not be aware they have been infected. Penis warts, however, are a sign of infection, and they can alert a doctor to monitor an infected person to catch any signs of cancer in its early stages. (And again, not every person with HPV or penis warts gets cancer.)

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When the entire world is reeling by the devastating rampage in its popula-

tion, this small island nation managed to strangle the spread of this menace from the earliest stages just by preventive measures. The adjust-ments and cooperation between the Government and the general public shines as a beacon of hope to all other nations of the world. The early awareness of the gravity of the situation and the immediate preventive measures taken spared this island from future major course corrections.

All these actions prevented major loss of lives, no economic stresses and a population saved from the onslaught of virulent menace. All these achieved

with no antidote, no antiserum and no new discoveries from medical field.

Observing the spiralling epidemic and its devastating impacts in Europe, he says the Government was “determined to minimize the impact of COVID-19” in New Zealand. From late February through March, the country progressively tightened restrictions.

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