Urban Survival Skills – Why Everyday People Can Easily Prepare For Any Disaster

Survivalism normally has a poor connotation. Many think of the hairy guy out in the woods with an arsenal of weapons who may or may not have some sort of mental illness. Survivalism actually just being prepared for the most likely disasters that could happen to you. Urban survival is having this preparedness in a city environment.

What are some urban survival skills that you can learn so that you can be prepared properly?

Most of it is common sense. Think of the things that you would need in case of a disaster. We aren’t talking about nuclear war or something like that, but more common disasters like flooding or hurricanes.

Food Storage

You don’t have to go out and buy some 6 month supply of food in one in big bunch. Go to store and buy two of what you already you eat. When you run out of peanut butter for example replace it with two jars. You want to have a food storage that lasts about as long as you realistically feel you could be displaced. Most of the time this is going to be 30 to 60 days. It’s to eat what you store. So take out the stored peanut butter and replace it with the new one constantly rotating the stock.


Before a disaster hits, it’s good practice to fill your sinks and bathtub full of water just in case. It might not be a bad idea to keep more than a few gallons of water in the refrigerator Survival Skills  in case you need to something to drink. For a very low cost you can get filters and purification devices that will give you maybe 100 gallons of water so that you could survive if being displaced. In some cases, you might have enough that you don’t actually have to leave the area you are in.

Locations To Meet At

One of the most important things about urban survival skills is to have some common locations for you and your family to meet at. If a disaster strikes, you need to have a plan about areas to meet at. This can be as simple as meeting in the backyard first to more complicated methods like meeting at your brother’s house who lives 100 miles outside of town. Having maps with the marked locations in each car with some contact information is very important just in case.

Just think of the most common disasters that could strike and do what you can to prepare for them.

Do you have a plan for natural disasters or pandemics?

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