Top SEO Mistakes Webmasters Make For Page One Ranking

If you are trying to get a page one ranking from search engines then you are going to need a lot of help. Webmasters generally make these top SEO mistakes when they create their website. This can hinder your results and you will never end up being found. So hear is what you need to know to prepare your website correctly.

You must understand that your home page will be the most important page on your site. webmastershall You just can’t put up a banner or picture with the words “click here” or “learn more” attached to the link. You need to make sure you use keywords when linking to your site.

Do not bother to link your site to these so called services that claim to submit to thousands of search engines and directories. First of all there are not that many. Second, you are likely to have no prove that your site was even been list. Third, you will get linked into free for all (ffa) sites that will spam you to death.

Another one of the top SEO mistakes is not being aware of how they link back to their site. Your page one ranking can be much harder to achieve if your links are not exactly the same. If you have a link with a “/” at the end of your site and create some without the “/” those links will be counted separately. Having them divided like this will make it twice as hard to rank. Make sure that your page links at set up all the same so you can get full credit for that page.

Webmasters, beware of all the sites that charge a fee to give you a page one ranking in no time. They have no control over the search engines. Some of the top SEO mistakes have been made by using these services. They usually use black hat tactics that give you temporary results then you end up getting penalized. Your site will then be worse off than it was before your signed up and paid their cost.

Writing content that is random and not keyword friendly will also hurt your page one ranking. Sure, you want to write quality content for your guest to read but the search engines need to know how to categories your site. Try to hard your keyword phrases in about 10% of your content. Make sure your page content stays consistent to your keyword phrase.

Beginners normally make the top SEO mistake of them all. They aim for page one results that they can not possibly get. Phrases that have hundreds of millions to even billions of results are just about impossible to get a page one ranking. There will be highly established companies that will dominate those results so you have do do some research to find less competitive phrases to be listed for.

These are not all the mishaps webmasters can make. These are just the top SEO mistakes that more newbies deal with. Having a page one ranking take time and patients so do not give up. Just keep making changes and generating backlinks until you find the right combination that works.

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