Landing Page Optimization – Underutilized Element of Marketing Strategy

A number of years ago, I remember sitting in a large conference room of a company that sold products through retail, catalog and ecommerce channels. It was time to kick off the next big marketing campaign. In the room there were about two dozen people sitting around a very large conference table. In attendance were members of the marketing team representing each channel of the business up to the Vice President level. There were graphic designers, copywriters and other members of the creative team, many of whom spent considerable time designing storefront signs, catalog covers and website landing pages that might be chosen for the next big marketing campaign.

As the meeting proceeded, five different designs thiết kế landing page sáng tạo were presented to the group. Group members were asked to comments and vote on their preferred design. During this process, I would always think to myself “how do we know which campaign will be the most effective?” And more specifically, “which web page design is going to help drive the most revenue?”

A couple versions were quickly dismissed as off brand or not the direction management wanted to go. There was then a few minutes of discussion regarding the design of the final three designs. The discussion focused on fonts, colors, images, text and so forth, but still we had no concrete information on which design would lead to the most conversions and revenue from our customers. Ultimately it seems the discussions would last until the group had a reasonable consensus on the design, although the group would generally be directed to the design preferred by the Creative Director and Vice President of Marketing. If you have had a hand in marketing at any level, you have probably had a similar experience. Creative marketing design decisions have traditionally been decided by reason such as:

Personal Preferences
Company Branding
Available Resources
Granted, these strategies were the best options available for traditional print marketing. Once a sign was printed or an ad was placed in a magazine or a direct mail piece was mailed to a customer, you waited and hoped that the person reading your marketing would be directed by the call to action to become your next customer. If a sign had been printed and it was determined that different headline would create a higher conversion rate, there was no way to change it. Some marketing pieces could be reprinted, but at what cost? Printing marketing materials twice was surely not in the campaign budget. And would the benefit of the higher conversion rate outweigh the costs of the reprinting?

Online marketing strategy should be handled different than the traditional method. The online marketer can benefit from the ability to make constant changes to the most important tool in generating online conversions – the landing page. Online marketers should monitor online customer behavior and determine what landing page elements are contributing most to conversions to maximize conversion rates.

Landing page optimization software using A/B split and multivariate testing can test multiple elements on your web site to determine which element or combination of elements generates a higher conversion rate. Elements that can be tested include just about anything on your Landing Page. Any of the following elements can be tested or entirely different pages can be tested

Landing page optimization software can serve different variations of the landing page to the visitors who arrive at the landing page. Once enough customers have seen each version for the results to be statistically significant, it can be determined which landing page elements led to higher conversion rates. Continuous testing of additional elements on your page can continually increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

Increasing your online conversion rate directly affects your revenue. There are generally two ways to increase online revenue.

Bring more visitors to your site via methods such as advertising, SEO and social media
Turn more visitors into customers through landing page optimization
Visitors who arrive at your website and leave without becoming a customer represent lost revenue. Most visitors will not return and never become one of your customers. Most online marketers lose out on potential revenue by not utilizing landing page optimization.


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