Google Webmaster Tools – What Is It?

Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool that is actually very valuable to have. It’s aim is to help us improve our websites. It shows exactly where the problems are and what is going on on our websites. Thanks to it we know what Google thinks of our site. It helps diagnose problems, which quite often helps us to prevent the site from being blocked. But that’s not all. It also helps our site to be more visible so that Google can index it properly. In a way it is similar to Google Analytics but I would say you need to have them both to have the full image of your site and what needs to be improved.

1. It gives us information about missing or webmastershall faulty pages, pages that search engines are not able to crawl. And crawling is important. If the search engine cannot crawl, your site will be really hit as far as rankings are concerned.

2. It will show you what your pages look in search engines, if they come up at all, based on which keywords etc. It will also show if the search resulted in a click through. This is quite an important information as you will see which pages require more work from you and which keywords actually work for you.

3. It will analyse all the internal and external links. You will know which ones are broken so that you can fix or remove them. You will know how many backlinks (links pointing back at your site) you have. Backlinks are crucial as for Google, they mean that the site is popular and it ranks better then.

4. If you submit a site map to Google you will ensure all your pages to be indexed. If a page is not indexed, no one can find it in the search which results in no traffic to the website.

5. It will send emails notifying you about problems with malware for example. You will be able to fix it before the site gets blocked by Google, which makes it a very valuable tool. It will also list the problems with HTML for example or let you know how long it takes for the site to load. Just remember to check your messages frequently so that you don’t miss this important notification.

6. You will be able to choose your preferred domain name (with or without www) and this name will appear in the search results

7. It will help with SEO of your website as it will show you which keywords work best for you but also will help Google bots to find your site easier.

As you can see it is very valuable to register your websites with Google Webmaster Tools so go on and register yours straight away!

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