Understanding Islam and Muslim Militants

1. What is Islam?

* Islam is: Submit to God. ‘Islam’ signifies submit to His will and direction, as articulated in the heavenly Quran. Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and Zoroastrians all are advised in their strict sacred writings to submit to the desire of God. This is the educating in Bible, Gita, and any remaining strict sacred writings, too. We should give up to the desire of God. Hence on this conviction, there is no distinction in all religions of the world – aside from Buddhism, which doesn’t have confidence in presence of God.


2. Muslims have confidence in monotheism

* Muslims have confidence in one God. Christians, Sikhs also have confidence in that. Hinduism has faith in different Gods and a part of Hindus trusts in Idol love. Islam is against excessive admiration yet Quran doesn’t request that its devotees use viciousness against Kafirs, as symbol admirers are brought in Islam. Quran doesn’t request that its supporters enjoy viciousness against non-adherents, as assailants do.

* In Islam, polytheism, relationship of Allah with another god, or the forswearing of His total order of universe is sin and called Shirk. Islam and Christianity contrast in such manner. Christians partner Christ with God, as child of God and Muslims don’t agree.

*Surah 4:116, 121: ‘Definitely Allah doesn’t excuse that anyone ought to be related with Him on close to rise to balance… also, whosoever partners a band together with Allah, he surely wanders off into far error.These are they, whose homestead is heck, and they will not discover any asylum from it.’

3. Pass on message of Quran, however don’t drive changes

Extract from Quran:

*Surah 3:20: So on the off chance that they debate with thee, state: I submit myself altogether to Allah thus does he who follows me.” And state to the individuals who have been given the Book and to the individuals who are untaught (the individuals who don’t have faith in Quran): “Do ye (additionally) submit yourselves?” If they submit then they are in right direction, yet on the off chance that they turn around, thy obligation is just to pass on the Message.

*Surah 2:256: Let there be no impulse in religion

*Surah 109:6: To you be your religion, to me mine.

4. Subsequently plainly Quran doesn’t request that its adherents convert non-Muslims to Islam without wanting to. History discloses to us in any case. Why it is so? It is a corporate choice, to improve the income assortment in mosques. Strict ministers are very little worried about subjective improvement of supporters, they are keen on numbers.

*A late a valid example is of a Shankracharya – a top Hindu strict figure – who has attempted to disparage, Sai Baba of Shirdi, a recorded figure with huge Hindu after. His sanctuary is probably the most extravagant sanctuary in India. Shankracharya wants that symbols of Shirdi Sai Baba ought to be taken out from Hindu sanctuaries. May be Shankracharya is holding Shirdi Sai Baba, liable for helpless contributions or gifts at other Hindu sanctuaries.

5. Does Quran legitimize viciousness?

Quran upholds savagery just when, the Muslim people group is battling immeasurably predominant powers, who try to destroy the monotheistic Islam. The Quran places it this path in Surah 4:75: And is there any good reason why you shouldn’t battle in the reason for God and in the reason for the individuals who, being feeble, are abused: the men, ladies and kids whose solitary cry is, “Our Lord! Convey us from this land whose individuals are oppressors. Send us somebody who will secure us, and send us somebody who will help!”

* Creation of Israel after Second World War was where Palestinians needed to abandon and make place for Israel. They were powerless and had no real option except to concur. Muslims believe that this is where Surah 4:75 is appropriate. It is an easy to refute question, however it needs consideration.

6. Self destruction planes are not endorsed by Quran

Hadith – the book of strict rules for Muslims – states ‘Whosoever executes himself in any capacity will be tortured similarly in Hell. On the off chance that he murders himself by sharp edge or iron bar, will be tortured with same cutting edge or iron bar in the flames of Hell ‘. Life is a definitive endowment of God, no one but He can choose when to take it back.

7. Steps to counter or abridge aggressiveness in Islam

(a) Educate ladies. Ignorance is high among Muslim ladies. There is a need to guarantee uniformity of sexes among Muslims. In immature nations, circumstance is most exceedingly terrible. Ladies are not permitted to go to class. In Nigeria, Boko Haram doesn’t permit Western schooling. Ladies are not permitted inside mosque in certain organizations of Islam. Instructed Muslim ladies will have positive effect in the public eye.

(b) First step – tackle intra-religion brutality. Ongoing Sunni fear based oppressors assault on Shias in Iraq is a glaring illustration of scorn between various Islam organizations. There is a need to make mindfulness among Shia and Sunni Muslims about uselessness of murdering one another. There are numerous different groups, who are excluded by the two Sunnis and Shias, for instance, Ahmadiyya faction.

(c) Proactively disclose Quran through media to counter fundamentalists. We need to advertise extracts from Quran in media, to counter aggressors brutality and to instruct uneducated Muslims world over, who are being indoctrinated by universal fundamentalist ministers like Hafiz Saeed. We rely on strict instructors (Imams and Ayatollahs) for translation of Quran. They can abuse the advantage and issue ‘fatwas’ against Salman Rushdie and others. To enjoy savagery when a prophet is subject of personification, isn’t what religion instructs us. We as a whole need to figure out how to be lenient toward others’ perspectives. On the off chance that appropriately put across, the Muslims hostility will be contained. Till at that point, let non-Muslims shun remarking upon the prophet and try not to hurt Muslim opinions.

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