Best Hair Drying Tips That Won’t Harm Your Hair

In reality, we blow dry our hair frequently. If you make use of a handy hair dryer improperly, it can cause harsh damage to your hair. Blow drying can cause hair’s cuticle to lift up, letting go of moisture and leaving shafts brittle. Hair is most delicate when wet so additional care should be taken when drying.

Although blow drying hair seems like it should be an easy task, there can be a lot of hidden issues that result in home blow outs that are less than salon perfect.

Making use of a blow dryer placed best hair tools on high heat is very destructive. Severe heat causes the loss of the hair’s natural moisture resulting in dullness, brittleness and breakage.

1. Do Not Shake The Blow Dryer
The way to prevent overheating is not to shake the nozzle but to make use of a medium heat setting, keep the nozzle at least 6 inches away from the head and not direct the air flow at any one area more than a few seconds at a time.

2. Prevent Over Blowing Your Hair
If blow drying straight, massive heat can dry out the strands and can cause them to lose that silky finish that the stylists build into their salon blow outs.

3. From Back To Front Blow Drying
Begin “on the back of the head and work around towards the front”. This provides you a opportunity to first deal with the part of the head where wrinkles or creases may form more with no trouble. In addition, blow dry from the ends up to the roots for enhanced volume improvement”.

5. Dry The Hardest Part Of Hair First
Consumers should deal with the trickiest sections of their hair first, whatever section that may be for them. As a result, if the front tends to wave or curl or grow strange drying patterns, those spot should be dried first.

6. To Flip Or Not To Flip
A lot of hair experts suggest that you bend over at the waist and blow dry with your strands flipped upside down.

When you blow dry upside down, you persuade the natural cuticles to lay the wrong direction. The effect of this can be tangling and make hair more complex to manage.

7. Prevent Clips That Cause Wrinkles
Always make certain that if he is making use of any kind of metal or salon clip to hold the finished section into a curl shape, he put a piece of tissue paper between the curl and the clip. This stops the development of any ridges in the newly blown out strands.

8. Leave Out The Professional Style Blow Dryers
Ac lot of consumers supposes that they should only blows dry their hair with the industrial strength blow dryers that the professionals make use of. While professional hairdressers require super powerful motors on their dryers, it is because they blow dry a lot of clients every day.

Just like everything else in the world of hairs, blow drying your style at home so that you get perfectly sleek straight tresses, carefully scrunched waves or beautifully looped ringlets involves utilizing the right tools, several good secrets from the pros and lots of practice. So what are you waiting for? Start your dryers.

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