Espresso Coffee – How to Make an Excellent Espresso at Home

Espresso is strongly brewed coffee made by forcing steam and hot water
through darkly roasted and finely ground coffee beans. The aroma of
espresso makes it especially hard for many coffee lovers to resist.
Coffee aficionados the world over know that a shot of excellent
espresso is crucial to making a good cup of coffee. There are a
variety of espresso machines in the market that can produce great
tasting espresso.

So how do you make a great cup of espresso? Here are the basic steps:

1. Remove coffee ground residue of the previous shot in the shot
holder before using the espresso machine to make a new cup of

2. Have adequate ground coffee ready and place it in the grinder hopper.

3. Release seven grams of the ground coffee into the shot holder,
making sure that you get a full pull as you do so.

4. Using a hand tamper, even out the coffee grounds. Tamp only once
and do not twist the tamper as you tamp the coffee grounds. By doing
this, you are assured that the hot water and steam will evenly extract
the coffee. You can also correctly gauge the pressure if you use a
hand held tamper to pack down the coffee grounds as well as remove
excess coffee grounds from the shot holder.

5. Secure the shot holder in place and lock the espresso machine
handle so that water does not leak as it passes through the coffee
grounds at a high pressure.

6. Position a warmed up espresso cup under the the espresso machine’s
coffee holder spout. Start the espresso machine. Keep an eye on the
the color and consistency of the brew coming out of the spout. In 15
to 20 seconds, you should have about 1.5 ounces of freshly brewed
espresso in the cup.

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