Specialist is an Australian independent commercial center site, which permits expected bosses to post positions that consultants would then be able to offer to finish. Established in 2009, its base camp is situated in Sydney, Australia, however it likewise has workplaces in Vancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila, and Jakarta. marketplace


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Consultant is a commercial center where businesses and workers can locate one another. The site permits managers to post work for site individuals who spot offers in a serious delicate cycle. The site additionally permits individuals to have and participate in challenges for which prize cash is offered as a prize. Consultants and bosses create profiles on the site as they offer, win and complete work and compose and get audits of individuals they work with or for. The site’s individuals get a limited number of offers to use on the site, which are occasionally renewed. A progression of record alternatives are offered, going from free records through to proficient memberships.

Specialist takes a 10% charge, which can be decreased with paid month to month participation, with a base expense of $5.[2] The organization has as of late declared its new move into home and neighborhood administrations, remaining first in quite a while home market of Australia.[3]

A large portion of Freelancer’s clients come from India, the United States, Philippines, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, yet it is spoken to through its client network in 247 nations, districts and regions; and in both arising and created markets. The main three occupation classifications that most oftentimes land position demands are IT and programming, 34%; plan, media and engineering, 31%; and composing and substance, 13%. The organization has workplaces in Manila, Philippines; Sydney, Australia; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Buenos Aires, Argentina; London, United Kingdom; and Jakarta, Indonesia.[1][4]


Specialist has gained a few publicly supporting commercial centers including Get A and (established by Magnus Tibell in 2004, Sweden),[5] LimeExchange (a previous business of Lime Labs LLC, USA),[6] (established by Rene Trescases in 2001, Canada)[7]-one of the early pioneers in outsourcing, Booking Center (Germany), (United Kingdom),[8] (USA), a gathering for webmasters,[9] and vWorker (established by Ian Ippolito, USA).[10]

Starting at 29 March 2016, the organization has set up 44 local commercial centers and works in 34 dialects and 21 currencies.[11] India[12][13] and Latin America.[14] On 2 April 2014, Freelancer gained Ukraine based advanced substance commercial center Fantero.[15]

In April 2015, Freelancer gained, a supplier of Internet escrow administrations situated in the United States.

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