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If you have ever looked into making money online, then surely you have come across the term “niche marketing”!

As the internet has grown in size and with more and more people using it as a money making tool, niche marketing on the internet came along as way to thrive in an otherwise saturated market.

So what exactly is a niche?

It’s kind of like a specialized market within a market.

For example, highlandvillagechiropractic take health care for instance. I’m sure you would agree that health care is an enormous business or industry and at first glance you might think it’s way to competitive of an industry to try to compete in.

Not True! You see with niche marketing you would break health care down to a sub category such as health care for people who suffer from arthritis.

Now all of a sudden the competition is a fraction of what it was compared to the industry as a whole.

Take a good look around at the trends that are doing well right now. For instance you would think the travel business would be totally dead in these economic times. And as a whole travel is down, however cruise travel is doing well. Cruising is a sub category of travel!

This is how good niche ideas work. And the deeper you go with it the more specialized and (more importantly) the less the competition becomes.

So how do you come up with good ideas for niche marketing on the internet?

Well first of all there are primarily 3 markets where internet marketing does the best.

Health Market….. Diet, Weight Loss, Vitamin Supplements, Staying Fit, Natural Remedies, Hair Loss, Alternative Therapies to name a few. As you can see we could go on and on and probably list more than 100 different sub categories in this industry. The second market is:

Wealth Market….. Internet Marketing, Starting your own Business, Trading Stocks, Buying Gold, Debt Relief, Buying Foreclosures, Currency Trading to name a few. See where this going. There are loads of great niche ideas in these markets. And the third market:

Lifestyle Market….. Pets, Personal Development, Spirituality, DIY, Stress Management, Baby Boomers, Divorce, How to sell your House, Alternative Energy. Again this is a short list of many great ideas. When you break these down you are going to find an unlimited supply of potentially profitable products and services to market.

Niche marketing on the internet is here to stay.

If you’re wondering what products or services you can market online for some extra income, I hope this article has opened your mind to options you may not have realized you had. Take your time and have fun with it. Before long you’ll have more ideas than you will ever be able to utilize.

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