A movie-crazy has also his/her own way

Fourth characteristic, when looking something remarkable, he/she spontaneously thought to replay it. Or if he/she really missed an interesting part of it, he/she convinced his/her self, “No problem, I can watch it again when its DVD version has released.” Off course in seconds he/she came to realize that he/she just thought stupidly.

A movie-crazy has also his/her own way to calm his/her lover down, that is fifth characteristic. For example, when the girl/boy friend said, “It’s not funny anymore, honey! Blood is gushing profusely from your wound, how could you keep laughing?” he/she would respond, “Relax, this is merely a special effect.” Even if it was not special effect at all, it was real blood.

Sixth characteristic or the last one on my note, his/her dreams was completed by voice-over narration. When he/she saw Greatest Wall in the dream, a bass voice suddenly came up, “China again. Damn. It seems like I was a minutes ago in Korea….” Then his/her eye lens was panning slowly and a soundtrack was barely heard. Nobody pushed play button while he/she was sleeping, it is his/her subconscious that turned those voices on.”

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