Looking For a Chair Cover Rental?

No matter what you are looking for in a chair cover rental, San Diego rental companies have what you need. Decorating a venue for a special event also includes decorating the chairs with covers to make the overall appearance one of elegance and luxury. It doesn’t add much additional cost to your decorating budget for chair covers. The typical cost of this rental is about $2 per chair.

Take a look at the different materials printed chair covers available in chair cover rentals. San Diego rental locations offer a range of fabrics for these covers, such as:

o The Regal chair covering is made from fabric that has a light texture and is soft and smooth to the touch. You don’t need to have the extra sash with this design because it looks really elegant without any additional details. This fabric is also well-suited for use with plain table linens.

o The Brocade design is the choice of many for chair coverings for a wedding. It is also the common choice for upscale banquets and dinners. The fabric does not have a floral print, but it does have a slightly raised texture that has a very luxurious look and feel.

o You may want something plain that will also provide you with an elegant ambiance. For this choice in chair cover rentals, San Diego companies have a sash that adds to the look of the chair and takes away from the plain look of the fabric.

If this element of decorating for an event is something new to you, you can avail of the advice on chair cover rental San Diego specialists can provide for you. The design of the cover should match the style of the chairs used at the location you choose for your event.

The covers are available in rounded and square tops to suit a wide variety of chair styles. You only have to look at before and after pictures of events to see how this detail can add to the decorative effect you want to achieve.

When it comes to colors in chair cover rentals, San Diego decorators at these agencies will help you select the one that goes best with your overall color scheme. They also have a list of the popular colors for the year if you want to choose something from this list. For 2008, for example, the popular color choices in chair covers were:

o White
o Black
o Brown
o Gold
o Silver
o Shades or red, green, burgundy, purple, pink, and blue

The choice of materials when it comes to chair rentals, chair cover rentals, or seat covers is also quite large. Choose from organza, satin, taffeta, chiffon in addition to regal, brocade and plain.

At various times of the year, you can avail of specials offered by companies providing chair cover rentals. San Diego locations also have showrooms that you can visit if you want to see and feel exactly what the chair covers can add to the appeal of your event. Adding a sash to any of the covers does have an extra charge, but you can save money by deciding to do the set up work yourself.

In less than 40 minutes you can have the covers on 100 chairs when you are working alone, so you can deduct a lot of time from this task if you have helpers. You can also pay an extra fee to have the rental agency take care of this chore for you.



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