Gain Details On How To Put Movies On Your PSP

Before storing movie files on PSP the necessities include 512 MB PRO Duo Stick which stores the video files as MP4, DVD Ripper to pull the movie from the DVD to save in computer, a DVD player also needs to be installed, and a USB Cable and movie converter to format the movie files in MP4 format so that it can be viewed. People can also install software that combined both the movie converter and DVD Ripper.

The following steps indicate how to put movie on your PSP:

At first the DVD should be loaded and the DVD ripper is fired up and then desired movie is selected which is required to be put on the PSP and the extract or the rip button is selected and clicked. After that it provides the place where the file is needed to be saved. If the movie files are already saved in the computer then the add button is needed to be clicked from the DVD ripper and required to be stored at some other place.

Next files are selected form the computer and the extract or the encode button is clicked from the movie converter and the again saved. But if the software is installed that possesses a movie converter and a DVD ripper, then all the initial steps merge together! A PSP should be connected with the USB cable and a folder should be created on Memory stick termed as MP_ROOT followed by a sub folder known as 100MNV01 and all the video files in the MP4 format is copied and saved. Thus it is ready. So just on your PSP click the video and the memory stick and view the desired movie.

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