Full Tilt Poker Bonus Code

Every new poker player that decides to join the Full Tilt Poker team is automatically eligible to receive a welcome bonus from the poker room as a small gift to show their appreciation for you choosing to play with them over the competition. The size of the bonus you will receive at FTP is large when compared to other bonuses found in some of the other online poker rooms.

When you make your first deposit with Full Tilt you will be asked to enter in a bonus code if you have one to use. The bonus code is going to allow you to be able to receive a bonus from the poker room once you make your deposit. The money you receive from the bonus isn’t going to be credited to your account right away, but it will be deposited into your account as you earn it from playing poker.

There are plenty of different codes out there to use, but you want to make sure you choose one where you’re getting a 100% bonus up to $600. In order to take full advantage of this bonus you will need to deposit $600 into the poker room, but if you do then you would receive $600 in bonus money as you earn it from playing poker.

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