5 Key Elements to Becoming a Top Producer Online

So you are finally ready to start a home based business in network marketing or already in the business but not sure why you are not getting the results you want.

Welcome to New school Marketing. More effective and efficient. Say goodbye to making a list a friends and family.

These five elements are not an option. You DO need them. These elements are the backbone of succeeding and becoming a TOP producer online.

So what are they?
1. You need you own personalized send top up to Philippines website, a personal capture page promoting yourself. Not a corporate one. You need pictures, your story, name, bio etc. A company website is good for giving information, but it serves no purpose when it comes to marketing and attracting prospects, and building a team with a successful downline.

2. Your own prospects list/email follow up autoresponder. What that means is, you need your own follow-up auto-responder where you are collecting and building a database of interested prospects. Name, email address, and sometimes a telephone number. This is a highly qualified list of prospects that you are “Attracting” into your sales funnel where you are now able to stay in touch with them through a follow-up process what is called an email autoresponder. Second critical point on that is you need to OWN that auto-responder. Do NOT get involved in those system/corporation where they give you an auto-responder. It’s great, you don’t have to pay an extra fee, but the problem is they now own that list of prospects and you don’t. So if you do ever decide to leave that opportunity or system, all those leads that you generated no longer belong to you. So make sure you own your leads. Make sure you have your very own autoresponder. You cannot build an online business without one.

3. A Streamlined Sales Funnel to monetize your prospects with multiple income streams-profit from all the people that say no to your primary opportunity.

4. A training platform and system that trains your new distributors for you and provides them with a duplicable website marketing system.

5. A solid Primary Income Business designed for the internet.

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