The 4 Most Dangerous Ways Carbon Offset Programs Are Judged & What You Can Do to Protect Your Brand

Today, it’s basic to experience an assortment of terms that incorporate “carbon” in the news, in magazines and books. Words like “carbon impression,” “carbon counterbalances” and “fossil fuel byproducts” – however rarely do these terms are really clarified or characterized.

What is Carbon?

Carbon itself is a substance component. It’s addressed on the Periodic Table of Elements as the letter C and has the nuclear number of 6. Carbon can take a few structures including graphite, precious stone and shapeless carbon. Carbon is the fourth most plentiful component known to man by mass after hydrogen, helium, and oxygen.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

As per Carbon Footprint LTD, a carbon impression is a “proportion of the effect human exercises have on the climate regarding the measure of green house gases delivered, estimated in units of carbon dioxide.” The objective of the carbon impression estimation is to help people and associations better comprehend, conceptualize and imagine their commitment to an unnatural weather change.

A carbon impression can been viewed as a subset of the previous idea of biological impressions.

What are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon counterbalancing is the demonstration of relieving (or “balancing”) ozone depleting substance outflows or carbon dioxide emanations. A typical illustration of carbon counterbalancing or the utilization of carbon balances is the acquisition of “carbon balances” trying to make up for the carbon dioxide creation brought about by close to home air travel.

The hidden thought dependent on the idea of discharges exchanging. Somebody who over contaminates pays somebody who under dirties to redress. While outflows exchanging is managed by a severe formal and legitimate structure, carbon balances are by and large masterminded by business or not-revenue driven carbon-counterbalance suppliers. Today is just that proper guidelines and affirmations for willful carbon counterbalances are beginning to arise.

What are Carbon Emissions?

Fossil fuel byproducts are a type of ozone depleting substance. Ozone depleting substances are, in the most straightforward terms, the parts of the environment that add to the nursery impact. It’s these risky components that are causing a dangerous atmospheric devation. To give you a thought how carbon dioxide finds a way into the master plan, carbon dioxide is the second generally plentiful of the multitude of ozone harming substances.

So how can the normal buyer respond?

While three R’s – Reduce, Re-utilize and Recycle ought to be a piece of everyones life system in the present truly changing world environment – it’s frequently difficult to apply these methods in our bustling regular daily existences. That is the reason I emphatically uphold energy effectiveness. Improving the energy proficiency of the gadgets we as of now utilize that are significant patrons of carbon dioxide discharges can definitely diminish your carbon impression, fossil fuel byproducts – also your bills.

Here is a model: 1/seventh of all power produced in the US is utilized to cool structures. Clearly this is a territory that can profit by the chiefs energy productivity. Soothsayer is an administration rating for AC units that enables purchasers to distinguish the productivity level of any new AC unit.

Energy proficiency isn’t restricted to new items however, take the Cool-N-Save(tm) Air Conditioning Pre-Cooling System for instance. The Cool-N-Save(tm) attaches to most focal cooling units in a short time and uses separated water fume to pre-cool your AC and consequently improve it’s proficiency. As per an outsider examination finished by Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, the Cool-N-Save(tm) can improve the proficiency of existing AC units by up to 30%.

While it’s imperative to comprehend what carbon and its connected terms really mean. It is more critical to comprehend what you can do about them.

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Money The Turn

Money The Turn

Real-estate assets can be pricey. Not merely do you want the amount of money to get the house you will end up flicking yet you’ll will need funds for your advancements, fixes, and also refurbishments in which must be produced as you go along. Sadly, the true est enterprise can be a challenging enterprise and also right now there are certainly not lots of standard loan providers in which are able to move total out there to get the owning a home business enterprise.
Budapest short term rentals

This implies you are likely to must both finance an excellent percentage of the particular expenditures oneself or perhaps you are likely to must locate various other method of capital your property turn. Initial items initial, the particular a smaller amount an individual pay out inside attention the harder funds an individual buying. You may not desire to utmost out there the bank cards searching for income from your residence turn when it could be averted. Product owner balances are certainly not greater nevertheless they can assist you retain far better an eye on how much funds you might be paying for the particular turn and several will offer you ninety days just like funds (this is fantastic when you can full the method inside of ninety days days).

It must be mentioned why these are certainly not strategies which can be supported from the article writer nevertheless they are opportunities in terms of money your property turn. The particular best-case circumstance will be which you would certainly have the funds to be able to enjoy together with and also believe simply no genuine chance inside your home flicking method yet hardly any folks hoping to get were only available in real-estate investment have got in which high end.

However, a proven way which is really high-risk (especially in case you are getting close to old age age) is always to funds out there the old age resources. This is simply not desirable for most causes not necessarily the smallest amount of that will be the information there are large fines regarding achieving this and you also are usually endangering the old age safety. It really is an alternative nonetheless in case you are in the situation to your turn. If the turn is prosperous it really is h2o beneath the connection, the amount of money may be delivered or perhaps reinvested as well as the benefit from the turn are able to aid finance future flips or perhaps other styles regarding real-estate assets.

In the event you go over items cautiously along with your household and also determine that you will be almost all ready to acquire the chance you can even chance your property through out there an additional mortgage loan for your resources. Once more this is simply not preferred approach as the suspected chance is fantastic for the particular safety of one’s household. It is vital in which every person required know that flicking properties can be a high-risk purchase. It is not only high-risk as you are certainly not knowledgeable nevertheless the market will be fickle. Your property can take a seat for a number of weeks demanding expensive having charges just before that markets.

Building any collaboration will be one more solution to discuss the particular hazards and also aid reduce the duty in terms of flicking properties. Take into account that it is a nerve-racking business enterprise and may become taken care of being a business enterprise. That is why any risky or perhaps recently established camaraderie is probably not the most effective chance to get a opportunity like this. Should you pick a collaboration you should cautiously go over the sort of economic and also labour purchase which is predicted of each and every spouse as well as the discuss regarding income that all spouse desires for at the same time. Select cautiously whether or not an individual are able to chance the particular camaraderie in the interests of income or perhaps could you somewhat choose any collaboration that is not an in depth good friend (most owning a home teams have got folks ready to assistance with the particular economic part and also believe the chance for your lion’s discuss with the profits).

Financial institutions can generally finance a percentage with the house charges when you can produce a satisfactory advance payment and also suggest to them any properly planned enterprise program. Usually do not count on financial institutions nonetheless when you have weak credit rating, shortage a small business program, or perhaps would not have a considerable portion of your personal funds to buy the particular opportunity.




The Evolutionary Trends of Football

The Evolutionary Trends of Football

football is a recreation that needs no quotation, in particular when talking of soccer in Europe. The endeavor is not played among groups in the floor but it’s far played in the hearts of human beings. whilst there can be a soccer healthy the crowd goes crazy. men leave their artwork, college students bypass their classes to simply be at the stadium and assist their group. some times this craziness turns into bloody even as the fanatics of organizations struggle out with each different.


The documents screen that the soccer originated in China wherein it was achieved as kicking a leather-based totally ball thru a small hollow in a silk material that was steady in bamboo canes. Later on this sport spread to other parts of the world. The craziness for the sport of soccer reached its pinnacle in England. numerous tries had been made to limit the soccer seeing to its recognition.

later on the sport of football advantage the industrial shape and numerous football clubs had been fashioned like the Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Aston villa, Liver Pool and masses of extra. numerous legendary gamers advanced from those golf equipment and made a name and fame within the worldwide. in case you are the soccer fan then you definitely might be the only who love to look his youngster playing as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo or the legendary Pele. The endeavor of football isn’t always only involved with the guys on my own.

Even female soccer games are performed and loved. soccer has grow to be a endeavor of loads. The primary factor you want to set up on your youngster is a appropriate football schooling. inspire him to take part in severa kids football tournaments. Sow in him the seed of football. And if your infant himself desires to be a soccer participant then assist him. assist him be the champ. The future of your baby is awesome. pick out a soccer instruct with first rate precision.

soccer training in uk has been through dramatic modifications all through the previous couple of years. there has been masses increment with the children going for the soccer video video games. numerous degree soccer education packages are prepared to educate them a way to protect the ball, a manner to strike and bypass the ball and a manner to score a aim. no longer best the youngsters football coaching, even the person football education has been modernized. it’s far usually visible that the football Coaches prepares their soccer teams and analyze their performances via the graphs and charts and prepare the sport plan at the boards. but era has additionally amended the tactics of strategizing the game plans.

there’s a website it is named can you Play football that gives a completely unique facility for the football coaches. The net web site gives the gadget that assist the football Coaches within the time management among the two consecutive video games. This leaves the soccer group with an higher give up their opponent as they may be extra systematically prepared to handle the sport near their counter elements.


Effects of Smoking While Pregnant – Warnings and Risks

Smoking and pregnancy rises to issues. Smoking and pregnancy are two words that certainly don’t and ought not have a place together. A lady who smokes during pregnancy uncovered herself and her unborn youngster to monstrous wellbeing hazards. This is evident in the event that you simply think about the way that tobacco smoke contains in excess of 2000 segment, which incorporates exceptionally unsafe nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide. Most of these substances is consumed by the placenta and influences the child without the mother in any event, seeing a thing.

Fetal development limitations – The most concerning impact of smoking during pregnancy is likely that on fetal development. Another conceived of a lady who smokes weighs roughly 170 to 200 grams lighter when contrasted with the normal load of non-smokers’ child. This can be credited to the narrowing of oxygen and supplements moving veins, which prompts low birth weight and general chronic sickness inclination for the remainder of the it’s life. The measure of cigarettes a lady smokes straightforwardly affects the degree of weight decrease.

Examination discoveries – Researchers have discovered evidence that smoking during pregnancy expands the danger of hereditary variations from the norm including congenital fissure or sense of taste, gut, eyes, ears or spinal string abnormalities or issues and last however unquestionably not least respiratory issues as Asthma. Placenta irregularities are likewise more normal. It’s basic to remember that the impact of smoking goes far past birth. For instance an expanded danger of respiratory issue improvement as recently referenced, during little child or adolescent years. The medical advantages of stopping your much cherished smokes are without a doubt enormous, this is especially evident and of incredible importance for pregnant ladies.

Putting the parcel down – forever will obviously be the favored decision however we as a whole know stopping level out is actually quite difficult. Around 20% of pregnant ladies smoke and more than 50% of the 20% smoke in excess of 10 cigarettes for each day. A mind blowing four percent of pregnant ladies figure out how to stop smoking inside the main trimester of pregnancy. Its regular information that in the event that you can stop smoking in the principal trimester of pregnancy, that your odds of having an ordinary estimated infant upon entering the world builds nearly to a 100 percent. This does, notwithstanding, not imply that any degree of smoking is protected or energized. Stopping consistently comes enthusiastically suggested. Decreasing the measure of cigarettes you nip will in any case bring about openness of both you and your kid to hurtful substances, just less significantly. In the event that you find stopping your negative behavior pattern totally inconceivable remember one vital recommendation “more smokes approaches more impacts on your kid”.

What will smoking mean for real pregnancy? – Smoking will unmistakably influence genuine pregnancy and not simply the unborn kid. Smoking causes expanded pulse, hypertension and sensory system concealment, which impacts the child as well as increment the danger of creating complexities for the mother, of which chest contaminations and blood thickening problems are a typical concern.

Different dangers – Smoking during pregnancy additionally builds the danger of ectopic pregnancy, unsuccessful labors, stillbirths, pre-full grown births, placenta distortions, morning affliction regularly requiring hospitalization, dying, polyhydramnios, thrush and urinary plot diseases including Candida.

Connection among smoking and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Researchers have discovered strong confirmation of the connection between smoking during pregnancy and an expanded danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Proof additionally proposes an expansion in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome if the dad smokes while the mother is pregnant. Ideally the two guardians to-be should stopped smoking during pregnancy. Here the standard will apply once more the more smokes approaches the more the danger of SIDS.

After birth tips – It’s totally basic to keep your infant in a sans smoke climate consistently, regardless of how essentially inconceivable it might appear. Stop companions, family or even outsiders from smoking in your home, vehicle or some other region close to the child.

Realities well actually smoke – Second hand smoke otherwise called uninvolved smoke or natural tobacco smoke includes consuming tobacco smoke and breathed out smoker smoke. Clinical just as logical confirmation exists to help the way that the smoke consuming off a cigarette or stogie end really contains more unsafe substances when contrasted with the direct smoke breathed in by the smoker. Should you be one of those unfortunate non-smokers who are consistently presented to recycled smoke, you will expand your and your new brought into the world kid’s possibility of creating repertory malignant growth, coronary illness, emphysema, sensitivities, asthma, and other medical issues, altogether. Children presented to recycled smoke likewise have a higher danger of creating decreased lung limit.

There is unquestionably an extensive rundown of impacts on smoking while pregnant thus a wide range of varieties of ways that smoking during pregnancy can influence the mother and the hatchling. Attempting to stop smoking isn’t a choice now, it is an absolute necessity. There is a lot in danger for your own wellbeing and for your destined to be new conceived kid. Exploit all care groups and projects that are accessible to acquire a new better method of living.

Impacts of smoking while pregnant [http://www.learn-how-to-stop] can prompt so numerous wellbeing/clinical issues unrecoverable. Teaching yourself on the most proficient method to stop smoking now [http://www.learn-how-to-stop] is crucial to your own prosperity and your friends and family. Exploit free assets accessible to you so you can stop smoking with direction and help while on your way to another smoke free sound way of life.

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Special Categories for Green Card Applicants

Many people choose to become a permanent resident of the United States to expand their rights or to remain in the country they have come to know through employment, education, visiting, etc. Because most people come to the U.S. for family and employment reasons, these are two of the three main categories of green card applicants, with the other being applicants for permanent asylum. However, there are other special categories that green card applicants can choose.

No matter if you are applying for a cheaphostingforum green card through work, family, or other reasons, there are many different requirements that one must meet to become a permanent resident of the United States. For instance, green cards through employment may be based on investment in a U.S. company, a job offer in the U.S., and other reasons for application. This same scrutiny of eligibility applies to special category applicants.

When the U.S. allows people to apply for permanent residency under special categories, these categories are typically highly restrictive with specific requirements. These special categories, and some basic requirements for application, include the following:

Amerasian child of a U.S. citizen – fathered by a U.S. citizen in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, or Thailand between January 1, 1951 and October 21, 1982
Armed Forces member – non-U.S. citizens who enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces and served with distinction for a certain period of time
Lautenberg parolee – for people to be admitted to the U.S. on a humanitarian basis from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, or other former Soviet Union countries
Afghan/Iraqi translator – a special category of job for those who apply for permanent residency through their work
Special immigrant juvenile – placed in the custody of a U.S. juvenile court or detention system
There are many more special categories, some involving certain asylum statuses and others regarding heritage, employment, and special family circumstances. It is important that you talk to an immigration attorney to determine the best path for your application for permanent residency.

If you are interested in becoming a permanent resident of the United States, you should contact an experienced immigration lawyer [] to learn more about the facts of green card acquisition.

It is said that if you engage yourself in the job you love then you will never work a single day of your life. If you find your dream jobs then it will not only provide bread on your table but it will also give you emotional stability. It is important that you design the proper job category for you to get your dream job. Although there are employment agencies to help you get work opportunities, it still lies on you to obtain the career that suits you and that you will love.

Without a category you are lost in the sea of employment. When you register with a popular employment agency, they will be just as lost. They will just send you out any available job there is. On your part, you will be choosing the job just on a capricious whim. If this job you choose failed your expectations, you will only consider ending the job again and you will be once again in square one. You will find this vicious cycle of seeking and finding jobs frustrating especially if your aim is to find a stable permanent career. The employment agency is not at fault when you fail in your career decision because you also failed to give them a proper job category.



Which Surfboard Should You Be Riding For What?

How many different categories of surfboards are there and when should you be riding these different surfboards? Is there a best surfboard type for you and does it really matter?

I like to break down the surfboard edulize categories as follows:

· Softboards

· Hardboards

· Shortboards

· Longboards

· Funboards

· Standup Paddleboards (SUP)

· Paddleboards

· Skimboards

· Alia

· Wakeboards

· Kneeboards

· Tow-in Surfboards

Choosing which type surfboard for you to ride depends on quite a few different things, but mainly the available surf conditions and your personal desires for surfing. Here are some of the things you will have to consider:

· Where are you going to be surfing

· What type surf will you be surfing

· Is there a variety of wave types

· What is your physical condition

· What is your talent level

· What are your surfing goals

The two most predominant categories of surfboards are Soft Surfboards and Hard Surfboards. The initial choice you have to make is normally from one of these two categories. Surfboards come in all different sizes, which results in sub categories known as longboards, shortboards, and funboards.

The beginner surfer will probably choose a soft surfboard to get started. Beginners are in all age groups, but the very young and the more conservative older surfers and most of the gals will normally choose a soft surfboard. However, as in anything else, there are exceptions, which are driven by your peer group, your athletic ability and your mental and physical stature.

If there is decent surf to ride, you will be surfing your favorite surfboard which suits the conditions.

If there is no surf, you can gravitate to one of the other categories such as your SUP, your paddleboard, your skimboard, or maybe your wakeboard if you have a boat to pull you on a lake, bay or calm body of water.

It seems that, these days, surfers are gravitating to their SUP in most cases. Riding these standup paddleboards has become a very popular sport because just about everybody can ride them with some level of success. They are good for sightseeing, cruising, getting a good physical workout or just hanging out with your paddling friends.

The other surfboard categories which are fun, but not as popular as those I have mentioned, are Paddleboards, Skimboards, Alia boards, Tow-in Surfboards, and Kneeboards.

Paddleboards are ridden from the prone or kneeling position. If you want a good workout, go Paddleboarding. These boards are used by many of the city and county lifeguards because they are fast and you can get to the rescue site fast, which make them a good water rescue vehicle. They are also good for racing.

Skimboarding is for the young. The sport is conducted on the shoreline and involves high energy running to a point where you drop the board in water that is very shallow like a thin sheet and then jump on it and ride it out into the surf, catching the wave back into shore. This sport requires endurance, strength, agility, and lots of practice. It can also be extreme and dangerous. However, the kids love it!

Alia surfboards are very flat wooden, foam or carbon fiber, finless boards, which were made popular by the Hawaiians before fins were invented. There are quite a few surfers who are experimenting with these finless surfboards. Having a surfboard that is finless makes it easy to do spins on the waves and also to develop more speed because there is no drag on the board caused by the fins attached underneath. An Alia is more difficult to ride, especially since the board is so flat, which makes it hard to catch the wave and keep the nose of the board from digging into the water. The board is also hard to paddle since it is very thin and narrow.

Kneeboarding is riding a surfboard on your knees instead of standing up. A pad is normally added for support and in most cases the board is shaped with a concave deck. It’s a fun sport and a fun way to ride waves that used to be more popular back in the ’70s and ’80s. You paddle into the wave lying down, as if you were on a surfboard and then get up on your knees instead of standing up. You can also wear swimfins to help you catch the wave.

As you can see, you have many fun surfboard categories to choose from. You probably will end up owning more than one surfboard in order to take advantage of the water conditions; waves or no waves.

In any event, get out in the water and have fun surfing, paddling or skimming. Remember that surfing is a way of life. So my friends, Surf Life no matter what you are doing. It will put a smile on your face and make each and every day a pleasant experience.

Visit Oak Street Surf at [], the one-stop online surfboard and surfing equipment store, to find out more about surfboards, surfing, standup paddleboards, skimboards and what categories, types and designs of surfing products are available. You will be able to talk to the experts with over 70 years of surfing experience. Visit the site now!


How to Exclude Certain Categories From a WordPress Navbar

For many bloggers, good navigation is one of the most important parts or a good theme. Sidebar widgets can be used to add navigation to any blog, but sometimes a good navbar can be a much better choice.

Unfortunately, not all themes are designed with a navbar, and even those that do won’t always fit your individual needs. You’d probably be shocked by how much you can actually do with a WordPress navbar.

The first thing you need to decide is justmyfitness what you want your navbar to display. Normally, navigation bars come in two types: Categories and Pages. Some blogs (like this one) will use two navigation bars, one for each option – or even combine the two into one line. The one line approach may or may not work for you, depending on how intricate your site is.

**Changing Your Navigation Bar From Pages To Categories (or vice versa)**

There’s an easy way that you can change what your navigation bar shows if it doesn’t presently do what you need it to.

To do this, we’ll be editing your theme’s header.php file..

Your navbar is controlled by one of two tags, either wp_list_pages or wp_list_categories.

Search your header.php for the tag that applies to you, and if you need to, you can replace it with the one you’d rather be using. More likely than not, there will already be some paramaters in the tag’s parenthesis – we’ll be adding to these later on.

**Locating The ID of the Page/Category You Want To Exclude**

Now that you’ve found the template tag that’s controlling your navigation, it’s time to add a parameter to disable the pages you don’t want to see. In order to do this, you’ll need each of those pages’ ID numbers.

When you create a page or catetory, you give at a name that you can identify it by. At the same time, WordPress gives it a unique ID number in the database. To find that number, pull up the page (or category) editing screen of your dashboard. As you hover over each entry, a row of links will appear, one of them being “edit.”

Hover over that “edit” link and look at the bottom bar of your browser. The destination URL of the link is displayed, and ends with the page/category ID. For those of you on a Mac, you’ll just want to click the “Edit” link and look at the URL it takes you to.

The “Edit” URL will end either in a “post=” or “cat_id=.” That’s your page/category ID.

**How To Remove Specific Pages or Categories**

Removing an item from a navbar is probably the most frequent modification people make on a WordPress blog. Sometimes this is done to hide a “Thank You” or Privacy Policy page.

Excluding a page from your navbar is easily accomplished by a parameter to your navigation tag. This is the (you guessed it!) “exclude” parameter.

To exclude the page you want, enter the parameter, followed by the ID of the page/category in question:


You can use this exact same parameter with the list_categories tag. If you only have one ID, that’s all you’ll need to list. This example actually shows how to exclude multiple pages at once.

Make sure you include the quotes and parenthesis as shown, or the tag won’t work right!

**Only Including Certain Pages/Categories**

If you have a situation where you only want to list specific pages or categories on your navbar. The exclude parameter will work here, but if you have a big site, gathering ID’s of all the other pages could become pretty boring. Plus, you’d have to constantly update the code whenever you added something!

No one want’s to do that.

Don’t worry though! There’s always the “include” parameter:


Just like the “exclude” we used earlier, “include” can be applied to both the page and category based navigation tags.

Note: Changing the order of the ID’s in this tag will not change the order that they display on your site. Rearranging the order of the pages can only be done on the “Edit Page” screen, in the “Attributes” section

**Adding More Than One Parameters**

As I mentioned above, the template tag you are modifying probably already has some parameters already defined. This usually includes “title_li=” – which controls the title at the beginning of the list of pages/categories.

Commonly, a navbar doesn’t need a title, and the parameter is left blank – exactly as it is shown in below. This is the equivalent of saying “don’t display any title.” Here’s an example of that parameter in action:


Now the obvious question is how you add your new parameter into the mix? Like this!


That’s it!:) Stick an “AND” symbol between each parameter and you’re done. Note that the entire group of parameters (called a ‘string’) is included within the quotation marks. If those aren’t set up properly (see above), you’ll run into trouble!!

And that’s it! That is all you need to completely customize the display of your navigation bar.


Chad is a self-proclaimed WordPress Junkie who works from home with his wife, Lynne.



Five Building Blocks Central to Best-In-Class Category Management

Making category management a core business competence of modern procurement is a top priority.

For most organisations a structured approach to managing categories is the engine for delivering superior procurement performance.

Multi-site companies in the private sector and large government departments in the public sector require “one way of working” capable of unlocking value in webmastershall a fast and flexible manner. The management of categories is an essential procurement process to deliver this value.

The three core processes of Category Planning, Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management are the key components of a successful approach. There are five building blocks that need to be in place for a successful approach. These are:


Category management is a core process in procurement. It is the primary way of working. Building it in the right way requires a combination of clarity of vision, business alignment and proper coverage of the key category planning, sourcing and supplier management phases together with a full range of modern tools, techniques and templates.


Sponsors, stakeholders, category leaders and cross-functional team members need to be properly supported in the implementation. Modern learning and development approaches facilitate the creation and implementation of well structured sourcing and supplier management strategies, while ensuring sustainable capability.


Leadership, governance and the operating model for are central to success. This feature should be properly addressed by the CPO and senior members of the procurement leadership team. It is a complex area since most multi-country / global organisations operate through federal and decentralised structures.


Category management calls for a single, business-wide, fully adopted, standardised yet flexible process with easy access to guides, tools and templates. There should be real evidence of process rigour and disciplined execution in the adoption of the way of working. It should be fast, versatile, non-bureaucratic and applied in a consistent manner.


Category management is a means to an end – the timely delivery of highly valued business benefits in line with the business case, and high return on investment. The precise mix of deliverables varies between different organisations but combines hard, tangible, bottom-line contribution with top-line revenue growth, innovation and operational support.

Category management has been the cornerstone of procurement excellence for more than a decade, but in many firms it has lost touch with business needs. Using the five building blocks is a formula for successful and profitable category management that can be implemented in any organisation.

Best practice is to embed these processes in an organisation. Procurement leaders who have done this also deliver demonstrably superior outcomes. To do this the importance of connecting with the broader business goals must be recognised. Stakeholder engagement and collaboration with internal stakeholders is equally important as is the ability to implement the strategy effectively.

In conclusion, there is major scope for improvment across all organisations with an ROI likely to be in excess of 10:1.

Future Purchasing is a centre of excellence in the design and implementation of category management processes.

Find out how Future Purchasing can support your initiatives in procurement transformation, cost reduction, category management and performance learning by visiting our web site here: Category Management by Future Purchasing. More category management information can be found in our knowledge hub:




How to Set Your Listing Up and the Critical Category Choice(s)

Most small local business owners who try and do their own listings on Google Places fall into the category of a lawyer who handles his own case. He has a fool for a client. It is rare that I see a new client who has listed themselves on Google Places at all. They may be listed but haven’t claimed their listing, leaving it open for others to change it. Or they may have claimed it, but not come close to optimizing the listing.

If you choose to go it alone, this decision may be the most important of all as you do your Google Places sobitech Listing. What is your category or your categories.

Google makes it clear that you are well served to choose one of their categories for the FIRST of the five that you may list. If Google Maps is important to getting your phone to ring, this may be the most critical decision you make. Deciding the main category that your potential customer or client will use to find you is the starting point of this decision.

The first step in this process is to type in possible keywords in the space provided for the first category. As you type the word insurance, for instance, Google Places will automatically provide you with suggestions: Insurance Agency, Insurance Attorney, etc. If none of these suit your best idea of how folks will search for you, change the word. For instance, if you sell health insurance, start over and type in health. Now Google will give you choices like Health Consultant, Health Food Store, etc. Here you find the one you want, Health Insurance Agency.

After you have selected your first category from the Google Places offerings, you are now free to select up to four more categories, and you can make these up. Is it a good idea to make up categories or use 100% Google Places categories? That depends:

A. Can find five categories from Google’s choices that are appropriate for your business? Then go with those. This is probably the best plan. If you can only find one or two that work for you, then you may want to get creative.

B. The next best categories would be ones that Google already recognizes, but which they have not bothered to put into their listing prompts. In the previous example, there is no prompt for Health Insurance, but if you search for health insurance Oakland, you are going to find a Places Map with listings. So this may be a good choice.

C. You might get lucky with a good category that Google Places is not yet recognizing. You have five categories, so if you have a special niche, why not use one category for an experiment. Children’s Health Insurance does not currently seem to be a category that Google Places recognizes. But Senior Health Insurance comes up. If you do get lucky with a brand new category, you might end up with a stand alone listing on the outside MAP. That is golden.

Use all five categories if you can. There doesn’t seem to be any penalty for that. You can decide the order that they are listed. No idea if the order you choose effects how Google Places chooses to give you better or worse placement on the map listings other than the first one. Knowing how Google typically does things, they usually assume that what you say is most important is what they should consider to be most important. Therefore if Children’s Health Insurance is the 5th category you put up, and they have 10 other’s with that category chosen in your city, but they all have it listed 2nd, you are, in my opinion, unlikely to be in the 7-pack.

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Can Bonuses Ever Be Justified Again?

With the country suffering through the worst recession in living memory there has been understandable public dismay at large bonus payments to senior executives. When those bonuses have gone to executives who are widely seen as responsible for creating the financial crisis, that dismay has tipped over into anger.

Sir Fred Goodwin of the Royal Bank of Scotland, commonly known as Fred the Shred, has been at the centre of all this, having pocketed a pension fund worth more than £16 million, despite bringing one of the UK’s oldest and most respected banking institutions to its knees. In March he became the victim of an anti-banking group called ‘Bank Bosses Are Criminals’ who vandalised his home.

In February, Royal Bank of Scotland, now 70 per cent owned by the taxpayer and which has received £20bn in public funds, cut its planned £1bn bonus pool by 90 per cent after pressure from the Government.

In the US, President Barack Obama has expressed anger at $165m bonuses pledged to executives of bailed-out insurer AIG, calling the payments “an outrage”. “It’s hard to understand how derivative traders at AIG warranted any bonuses, much less $165m in extra pay,” he said.

Yet despite this, City workers have continued to pocket their bonus payments. survey conducted by the City recruitment consultancy Morgan McKinley revealed that 73 per cent of those working at 200 banks and other financial institutions in the UK received bonus payments in 2008. 16 per cent said their bonuses had actually increased.

All of this has served to put the issue of bonuses firmly under the spotlight. While the issues have centred on bonuses awarded to bankers, it has led some in the sales profession to think about the bonuses that they receive and pay. Can bonuses be justified, and if so, how should they be awarded?