The History of Silk Flowers

Silk blossoms are so normal thus assorted these days that it is here and there hard to draw a recorded image of their beginnings. Nonetheless, it is essential to know where silk blossoms began their excursion into humanity’s heart to truly comprehend why these blossoms hold quite a significant spot in present day stylistic theme. “Silk” is really an expansive term for any counterfeit bloom made utilizing adapted textures, silk or not.

Many accept that since the terminology of “silk” was added to these fake blossoms, these blossoms were first evolved in China following the innovation of extricating silk from pupae of silk moths. The veracity of these cases is as yet not totally affirmed, as the indigenous Chinese individuals made an assorted measure of silk-based art, one of which might have been the main silk bloom.

Albeit counterfeit blossoms have existed from the beginning of time and incorporate antiquated Egyptian blossoms made out of papyrus, the recorded time of silk blossoms starts in the eighteenth to the nineteenth hundreds of years when Europeans wished to protect the passing magnificence of genuine blossoms. Paris, the origination of numerous works of art, is likewise accepted to be the origin of the advanced silk bloom. The principal blossoms were either made of crepe paper or silk texture. The custom of collapsing crepe paper into blossoms is as yet instructed in numerous workmanship and specialty schools the world over, being anything but difficult to learn. Notwithstanding, it is, as all other specialty, hard to dominate. The silk texture could without much of a stretch be collapsed into a blossom that could hold its shape for a significant stretch of time whenever done appropriately.

In the mid twentieth century a lot of examination was performed on polymers and polymer-items which would in the end reform the blossom world. Celluloid turned into a promising crude material for reproducing choice blossoms in the 1920’s when Japanese specialists turned out to be adaptable in the workmanship. Anyway because of its combustible nature, celluloid was before long prohibited from regular use. In its place froth and different items before long crawled their way into the silk blossom industry and shaded froth sheets as slim as petals were to eclipse crepe paper blossoms. A little fragment of customary craftsmen still collapsed genuine silk blossoms, yet these were over the top expensive contrasted with the froth blossoms. In any case, the precision and sensible look of silk blossoms was once in a while to be found with the froth blossoms.

Notwithstanding, this was not the finish of wonderfully created counterfeit blossoms. Late progressions in innovation have cleared another way for silk blossoms. Cotton and polyester mix textures that are as delicate as silk, while being somewhat more impervious to mileage have now gotten the base for counterfeit blossoms, all things considered. These hold colors and surfaces similarly well and are less expensive to deliver than genuine silk while holding all the properties of genuine silk. The eventual fate of silk blossoms presently settles upon the progressions to these adapted misleadingly created textures and shape infused PVC. All things considered, the silk collapsing skilled workers around the globe actually hold the genuine insider facts of collapsing silk blossoms consummately, reproducing the excellence of genuine blossoms.

For more than 20 years Dana Plazyk of has looked for great silk blossoms that best copy nature. Her mission has end up being beneficial as Flowers By Design keeps on finding, stock and offer available to be purchased the most life-like fake blossoms on the lookout. Genuine touch blossoms are the most recent development in this art, as observed on []

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The Esoteric Meaning of the Wizard of Oz

This much beloved movie is played yearly for families everywhere. It is America’s first true fairy tale, written by L. Frank Baum. A fairy tale is traditionally a story in which fairies (or trans-dimensional beings) help the hero to overcome the worst of personal circumstances. These spirits act as a midwife to help the hero make a profound shift from a miserable life — to one of immense joy. It is in essence, a rebirth. Animals and nature are often highlighted in this process. This shift of awareness can occur for anyone, sport regardless of their station in life. Often the hero or heroine win their true love, and achieve their heart’s desire in a happy ending (American version). Mythology is important in this regard, as it cloaks a valuable lesson in the telling of each tale. This is why such stories become classic generation after generation.

European fairy tales were often modeled after bible stories adopting the regional culture — such as Snow White who bit the apple and fell to her sleeping death. The hero is often faced with the most frightful of circumstances, often primal in nature. A good example is the story of Hansel and Gretel, who wandered upon a cannibalistic witch, after being abandoned by their parents. These stories portray the many difficulties we face living in the material world. Children relate strongly to these adventures since they often feel powerless, and are promised magical solutions (against all odds) that can deliver their heart’s desire. Magic, in this regard, means finding solutions that are beyond normal occurrences, often miraculous in nature. But making a dream come true only happens when one can prove their worth, mostly through enduring a set of grueling tasks. These tasks prove the integrity, loyalty and devotion of the native. These trials are reminiscent of the labors of Hercules, of Greek tradition.


The Home Depot Pro

The Home Depot Pro Multifamily initially started as Wilmar Supply Company in 1978 by William Green and Martin Green in Collingswood, New Jersey as a tool shop. Wilmar extended its retail business by offering MRO items to high rises and multi-family housing.[38][39] In the 1986 William Green became CEO of Wilmar and in 1993 William purchased out Martin’s inclinations in Wilmar. The yearly incomes of Wilmar raised from $24.52 million out of 1993 to $100.64 million of every 1997. In the exact year The Pier-Angeli Group, Lindley Plumbing and Supply Company and Management Supply Company was gained by Wilmar as a feature of its methodology of extending to new business sectors through the divided business. On January 24, 1996 Wilmar opened up to the world and raise over $47 million.[40] Wilmar ventured into the institutional and housing offices by procuring Sexauer and Trayco in December 1999 for $85 million.[41] Wilmar additionally obtained Ace Maintenance Mart USA, Inc. in 1999. teehand

On January 24, 1996 Wilmar opened up to the world as (NASDAQ:WLMR) and raise over $47 million.[42] Wilmar ventured into the institutional and housing offices by procuring Sexauer and Trayco in December 1999 for $85 million. Wilmar went private in May 2000 by speculation bunches that incorporate Parthenon Capital, The Chase Manhattan Bank (presently known as JPMorgan Chase Bank) as trustee for First Plaza Group Trust (a GM Pension Fund), Sterling Investment Partners, BancBoston Capital and Svoboda Capital, LLC. William Green actually held the situation of CEO William Green.[43][44] In 2000 Wilmar, situated in Moorestown, New Jersey, bought Barnett, Inc. for $214 million.[45] Wilmar and its acquisitions turned into an umbrella organization under the name Interline Brands in 2001.[46] Michael J. Grebe became CEO of Wilmar in January 2002 and kept on being CEO until January 1, 2016. After Wilmar obtained Barnett the two organizations started a program of incorporating tasks into smoothing out the dissemination activities. The logo of Interline Brands is shaded after Wilmar with red, dark and white.[47]

Support USA

Support USA is a low value provider of upkeep, fix and activities items. It was established in 1974 as Ace Maintenance Mart USA in San Diego, California and gained by Wilmar in 1999.[48][49][50]


J. A. Sexauer Manufacturing Company was established in 1921 in Scarsdale, New York by James A. Sexauer. Sexauer was a forte pipes parts fix producer and merchant. In December 1999 Wilmar Industries gained Sexauer from the Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corp. for $85 million. J.A. Sexauer’s auxiliary Sexauer, Ltd., situated in Toronto, was additionally gained by Wilmar. The acquisitions of J.A. Sexauer Manufacturing, Sexauer Ltd., and a comparative business called Trayco by Wilmar was alluded to as the Sexauer Group.[41] In 2000 Wilmar and Barnett converged to frame an umbrella organization called Interline Brands.[46] In March 2010 Sexauer added Kohler plumbing items to its pipes stock. It is currently important for SupplyWorks which at that point turned out to be essential for The Home Depot Pro Institutional.[51]


Trayco was established in 1993 in Florence, South Carolina. Trayco circulates plumbing supplies, light apparatuses, and support parts to discount retailers or lodging units. It is presently important for SupplyWorks.[52]

U.S. Lock

Logo of U.S. Lock.

U.S. Lock has a wide assortment of security locks and frill from latches to entryway handles. The five public appropriation places for U.S. Lock are situated in Brentwood, San Bernardino, Louisville, Charlotte and Jacksonville. U.S. Lock initially started as Lawrence Locksmith Supply Corporation in 1974 in Rockville Center, New York. In 1988 it was procured by Waxman Industries, Inc. also, renamed U.S. Lock.[53] In 1998 Barnett, Inc. gained U.S. Lock from Waxman Industries, Inc. for $33 million. U.S. Lock is the main previous brand of Interline Brands that held its name after the procurement by The Home Depot.[54]

The Home Depot Pro Specialty Trades

The Home Depot Pro dissemination community in Jacksonville, Florida.



Industry Wholesale



Successor The Home Depot Pro Specialty Trades

Founded 1958; 62 years back

Jacksonville, Florida

Products Maintenance, fix and activities


Leran Gas Products


Industry Wholesale



Founded 1968; 52 years back

Products Propane extras


The Home Depot Pro Specialty Trades initially started as Barnett in 1958 as Barnett Tube Fitting and Valve Company by the Leonard Barnett family. The underlying reason for Barnett was to gracefully copper tubing to clients through its inventory. In 1972 Barnett changed to Barnett Brass and Copper.[55] Barnett was obtained by Waxman Industries for $12.5 million giving Barnett admittance to the mail-request market. Waxman Industries shaped Barnett, Inc. in 1993 and after two years it came to $100 million in deals.

In April 1996 Barnett opened up to the world and finished its IPO.[56] Learn Gas Products was gained by Barnett from Waxman Industries. In November 1997 Forbes positioned Barnett as 60th of the Top 200 Best Small Companies in America. Before the finish of 1997 Barnett had sent over 4.5 million flyers for its new 1,800 items. The aftereffect of the mailings added 38,000 new clients. In 1998 Barnett, Inc. gained U.S. Lock from Waxman Industries, Inc. for $33 million. Barnett set up its central command in the LaVilla neighborhood in midtown Jacksonville, Florida in May 1998.[57] By the finish of 1998 Barnett additionally gained U.S. Lock from Waxman Industries for $33 million.[58]

Waxman Industries, which claimed 44% of Barnett, went through an arrangement of monetary rebuilding that incorporated the offer of its Barnett stock by December 2000. With Barnett now private the New Jersey organization Wilmar Industries procured Barnett in 2000 for $214 million because of its comparative operations.[46][59]


A Review of the Red Felt 96″ Texas Holdem Table

The 96″ Holdem Table – Red Felt is a classic Casino grade poker table for your home. Let us review the 96″ Holdem Table – Red Felt and find out more about this table.

If you are looking for a casino grade poker table for your house, the 96″ Holdem Table – Red Felt can be your choice. It has got all the features that are required to call it a high end casino poker table. When I checked out this product I was quite stunned by its great looks and wanted to buy a piece for myself.

However, with one table already occupying space in my poker room, I decided otherwise. This table has got all the ingredients that will make your gaming room stand apart from others. The first thing that will catch your eye is the professional grade construction. One can easily make out the designing efforts that has gone in creating this table.

The 96″ Holdem Table – Red Felt has got heavy chromed steel trim footrest which will allow the players to relax during those long poker sessions. This is a good feature and I have surely not seen it in many poker tables. The leg base of the table is also heavily chromed and surely adds to the looks of the table.

The circular and wide leg base also gives stability to the table. Unlike the folding tables, this product looks sturdy and there is hardly any maintenance cost that you will incur on this table. All you need to do is the regular housekeeping and nothing more. The top quality durable wool felt used for the surface will surely not need frequent change if handled with a little care.

Even if you have to replace the felt there is nothing much to worry about because this table has got armrests that lift easily for replacement. This is another feature which makes this table one of the favorites among poker table buyers. The supple padded armrest makes it very comfortable for the players to carry on with their game for a long time without feeling the strain.

The 96″ Holdem Table – Red Felt measures 96″*46″*30″. It is a standard sized table and very well supported by the marble finished columns. The columns apart from giving stability to the table makes the table look classy. I have rarely seen poker tables which have marble columns.

Let us now check out the price of the 96″ Holdem Table – Red Felt. The table sells at a price which will make it affordable for most poker table aficionado. The price makes this table an excellent buy considering the looks and quality of the product. The table surely deserves a rating of 9 out of 10.

Yes! it does not have the cup holders which are common nowadays for most of the poker tables. I will just say that the designers probably had some other ideas. Nevertheless, this table will surely remain as one of the best sellers for quite sometime. If you have plans for a poker table for your house, you can go for this one. It will give you the value for money that you were looking for in a poker table.

Car Services

The blurring of the line between cars and trucks and trucks is the result

On the rising attractiveness of light trucks as multi-objective passenger vehicles, resulting in a need for vehicles that include the convenience and performance in the automobile Together with the utilitarian benefits of a truck. The end result is a fresh breed of autos that is a cross involving a vehicle and truck, used auto parts demanding diverse steering, suspension, chassis, seating and other devices, most staying sourced in the car components suppliers.Exactly the same is accurate for the new breed of powertrains about the horizon in the first decade with the twenty-to start with century, notably immediate-injection clear diesel engines, Highly developed gasoline engines with Digital valve timing, electrical and hybrid powertrains, and gas cell-driven cars. Advanced security techniques, from clever air luggage and seat belt programs that feeling the scale and positioning of passengers to more innovative Digital stability Manage units and the many involved componentry will largely originate from impressive suppliers.These initiatives contain Innovative batteries capable of long-array touring with out Regular recharging; bio-fuels for the two diesel and gasoline engines; affordable catalysts for gasoline cells; and gasoline and diesel motor refinements to make these powertrains even quieter, far more fuel effective, and able to greater energy and torque outputs.

The auto pieces market is below rigorous force

Both equally from increasing global Opposition and from most of its buyers that desire reduced charges and better good quality during the face of mounting materials, labor, and transportation prices.The OAAI identified 5 troubles experiencing the U.S. Automotive Parts Field in its 2007 Yearly Business Evaluation, which summarize the training course the business will probably be having junkyards near me as a result of A great deal of the main ten years of your 20-initial century:Higher Electrical power, plastic and steel prices, weighty debt, cash move difficulties and overcapacity created by production cuts at Ford, GM and Chrysler.Higher legacy fees, employee wages and Positive aspects with contact negotiations between suppliers, automakers and labor unions.Continued depletion of sector ranks due to bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions, additionally migration to other field—industry analysts predict that above almost 800 important suppliers in 2000, fewer than one hundred might be still left by 2010.Mergers and acquisitions of supplier firms. In 2005 there were 30-two mergers, up from 20-6 in 2004, with non-public fairness firms chargeable for 53 percent on the specials.Relations in between the domestic Massive A few and their suppliers, which can be strengthening a little, but remain bad when compared with those of Japanese competitors.

The goal markets for car elements are Obviously described

The first target getting the vehicle brands of the world who account for anywhere from two-thirds to a few-quarters of all auto pieces buys. The stability of vehicle components creation enters the provider/substitution pieces distribution network with most (roughly 70%) destined for professional installers—vehicle fix stores, gas stations, fleet operators, and automobile vendor provider departments. The remaining thirty percent goes on the retail current market serving do-it-yourselfers.The retail market place is usually divided into 4 standard segments: really hard areas, for instance brakes, mufflers, batteries, starters, alternators and pumps; servicing things, including oil, oil filters, lubricants, additives, spark plugs, fuel injectors, lights wipers, paints waxes and hoses; instruments, including diagnostic tools, wrenches and screwdrivers; and add-ons, such as trim, hub caps, audio devices, and navigation programs.Even though the vehicle producers go ahead and take lead in Considerably improvement get the job done, they rely greatly on their areas suppliers to develop and refine most of the systems and devices needed to make The brand new devices attainable. Sophisticated basic safety methods will also be A significant focus, which includes everything from occupant security systems ranging form “smart” air baggage and seat belt systems to accident avoidance units.


Why Should My Child Play Sports?

It’s a question asked by many parents. “Why should I allow my child to play sports?” and “If I do allow my child to play, which sports should I let them play?”

I am unbelievably biased to one side so I will be giving all of the reasons that you should allow your child to play and none of the reasons they shouldn’t. In my mind, there just aren’t that many reasons to not allow kids to play sports.

Here are some of the reasons that I could come up with advocating participation in sports.

1. Children who are involved will have less idle time to get involved with alternate activities.

When children are on any kind of sports teams there will be a lot of practice time. They will usually befriend other children who are also wanting to get better at that sport so they will have something to do when they get together.

Idle time in the hands of our children is usually not a good thing, especially in this day and age. Most areas of the country are not far away from some source of drugs which can peak the interest of experimental and bored teens. Sitting on the computer can lead to curiosity about pornography and other destructive and time wasting activities. Video games can be addicting and lead to searching for alternate realities because of the fantastical ideals of many games.

2. Playing sports is an excellent way for a child to develop self esteem.

Kids have a desperate need to belong to something. Being involved with a sports team will replace the need for belonging that so many kids get into gangs for. They will develop a sense of family outside the home which will keep them safe and give them that connection that they need.

At school, kids that are involved with sports will most likely have someone to walk the halls with, eat lunch with and even just say “Hi” to in passing.

As children begin to accomplish tasks associated with sports they will build their confidence. They will see that as they practice more and more they will be able to accomplish things that they didn’t think would be possible. They will be well equipped for life and the abundance of challenges that will be presented with family, work and community.

3. Kids playing sports is a natural way for them to relieve stress and reduce the possibility for depression.

Not only does the sense of belonging reduce the idle time that a teenager can use to develop undo stress, become self absorbed and focus on the bad in the world all around them.

One of the best way to fight self absorption would be to focus on your team. Children will here cliches like TEAM= Together Everyone Achieves More and see that as ridiculous as it sounds when it comes out of their mouth, it really is true. They can learn that focusing on others and serving others can help them to be happy.


Acupuncture and Headaches

One of the most common complaints among patients is headaches. Headaches affect people’s health in many different ways. There are many different kinds of headaches such as migraine, cluster, and tension headaches. One form of medicine that has been treating headaches for over two thousand years is Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Chinese medicine and Western medicine view headaches differently. Western medicine headaches are a subjective symptom of a disease. Some of the diseases that may tuin10 cause a headache are trigeminal neuralgia, sinus, eye disorders, head injuries, and meningitis. These are only a few, but there are many different diseases that can cause headaches. There are also many different types of headaches with different characteristics such as tension headaches, migraine, and clutter headaches. The treatment options for headaches in Western medicine depends on the type of headache, but usually will include some type of pain relieving medication such as NSAID or opiates. There are also many different diagnostic techniques to diagnose the different types of headaches such as x-rays and MRI’s.

According to Chinese medicine headaches are not only a subjective symptom but also a disease. Chinese medicine also has different types of headaches according to the different types of pathology. For example a headache can be caused from an internal organ disorder. When the liver, spleen and kidney are out of disharmony and the essential substances in the body such as blood, energy, essence is not nourishing the brain a headache may occur. There can be many different causes for headaches according to Chinese medicine. You must see a Chinese doctor who can ask you some questions, look at your tongue, and feel your pulse to see what type of headache you have. After a correct Chinese medical diagnosis is made then the appropriate treatment can be made whether it is acupuncture, herbs, tui na or a combination of modalities.

Chinese medical treatment for headaches may include acupuncture, herbs, and tui na. Acupuncture has been very effective for treating headaches. It allows the energy and blood to flow better and promote the body’s self healing mechanisms. An acupuncturist will mainly use acupuncture points according to what type of headache and disharmony that the practitioner find. There are also manly different herbal formulas that will help with headaches. It all depends on what your Chinese medical diagnosis is to determine what herbal formula to describe. Tui na is Chinese medical massage. Tui na can be used in conjunction with acupuncture to enhance the healing effects. There are tui na manipulations that can be effective for headaches.


The Coolness of the Aqua Cruiser Pontoon Houseboats

aqua Cruiser pontoon houseboats are one of the most expensive and most extravagant liveaboards on the market. These pontoons offer large living quarters, a multitude of beds, and a powerful motor. There is a full size kitchen gallery and two bathrooms for those needing a spare. There are non-skid stairs and safety railings surrounding the craft for fun and safety. There is even a slide going off the back of the boat for added fun and excitement.

The king of all floating homes starts out services-aqua with an asking price in the region of $94,990.00. The houseboat offers many great features that help to raise this price. There can be appliances added, such as microwaves, refrigerators, and one piece counters. All of this is designed with luxury in mind, function in demand. The beds are not the typical full or twin sizes, rather these beds are queen size beds with pillow tops for added comfort. For those needing still more room, is a hide-away sofa bed as well.

For those who have retired or simply want a home that is different, the Aqua Cruiser manufactured boats are some of the best that one can get for the price. The boats are fully moveable and easy to put into the water. There is even additional support from the Aqua crew that knows and specializes in pontoons, with customer service being a company priority. This can be a superior choice over the traditional homes for those who are seeking adventure and relaxation at the same time.


Jane Dutton

Al Jazeera English

Jane was with Al Jazeera from September 2005, in the approach the dispatch of the station, until June 29, 2018, when she left to re-visitation of South Africa.[2][3][4]

She was based at the fundamental transmission place, in Doha in Qatar. Because of family duties, she later spent significant time in studio-based news-casting. She was one of the vital anchors at the station and her work went from news-perusing, to facilitating studio-based meeting programs and to voice-overs and coherence.

As a news-journalist, Jane shrouded stories in the United States, in Europe and in her local Africa, from South Africa to Egypt.

As the host of studio-based television shows, Jane was an ordinary host of Inside Story, the day by day program that investigations an effective issue from the news, with the guide of visitors from inside and outside the nation being referred to. She was additionally a host for the week after week program Inside Syria, that investigations ongoing improvements in the war-torn nation. jimnews

For the strand Talk to Al Jazeera, Jane made a trip to meet the broadly camera-modest President of Eritrea, Isaias Afewerki, his nation’s sole head of state since freedom in 1991. The meeting is a web top pick as the reaction to the greater part of the inquiries was to reprimand them as lies, without offering explanation or elaboration.


Beforehand, Jane worked for CNBC in London.


Before that, Jane worked for CNN, adding to news programs.

Early vocation

Jane started her vocation with SABC, yet has additionally worked for eTV. She turned into a SABC journalist in London, where she later worked for BBC World.

Individual life


Jane was taught at St Mary’s School, Waverley, Johannesburg.


Jane is the mother of two youngsters.



doc4548/7b/abab7b0902764236.txt Al-Jazeera says its English-language new channel will dispatch Nov.15

Another channel shows up


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From Our Own Correspondent on KTTZ-HD2

In the United States, President Trump still hasn’t conceded that he has lost the election. His campaign is doubling down making claims of voter fraud. But without evidence. Meanwhile, the election winner, Joe Biden, is preparing to become president while being denied access to the briefings he is entitled to as President-elect, as Anthony Zurcher reports from Washington. Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, has been dubbed the Trump of the Tropics. Despite widespread criticism of his handling of the pandemic, he has been gaining support from an unexpected place recently – in the country’s northeast, known as a left-wing stronghold. But a new welfare benefit is changing the political landscape there, as Katy Watson found. Russia passed the two-million mark of Covid-19 cases this week. One of the worst affected areas is the Archangelsk region in the north, on the White Sea of the Arctic Ocean. It’s been hit so hard, that overstretched healthcare workers are defying their bosses and speaking out, as Sarah Rainsford reports. Trish Correspondents It’s Black Friday next week, when retailers try to entice their customers with big discounts. In France however there’s talk of postponing the event because of the current lockdown, to give the smaller bricks-and-mortar shops a chance against the internet-based competition. Lucy Williamson has been to visit a legendary bookshop in Paris: Shakespeare and Company. The island of Madagascar has a wealth of different habitats, that are home to thousands of endemic species of plants and animals that exist nowhere else, like the round-eyed lemurs. But the remaining forests are under threat, as Michelle Jana Chan found out when trekking in a remote canyon. Presenter: Kate Adie Producer: Arlene Gregorius
Saturday, November 14, 2020 5:59am
Diwali in India during the pandemic
For Hindus, Sikhs and Jains it’s Diwali – the festival of lights. But this year there’s the pandemic. What impact is that having in India, asks Rajini Vaidyanathan in Delhi. In Azerbaijan, the decades-long intermittent war with Armenia over the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh flared up again in September. Earlier this week, Russia brokered a deal to end the conflict. Olga Ivshina has just returned from the Azeri side of the frontline, where reporters’ safety was not just threatened by shelling. The French Caribbean island of Martinique has a difficult relationship with its past. For about two hundred years the colony relied on enslaved Africans to work in its sugar cane plantations. Some think that period might have been shorter if it hadn’t been for Josephine, the wife of Napoleon. And as Tim Whewell found, that’s not the only sensitive subject of conversation on the island. Bicycles have been recommended as a safe form of transport in the pandemic, and cities around Europe have been improving their cycling infrastructure as a result. Anna Holligan lives in the Netherlands, where cycling is second nature to many, and says that even there, more people are now switching to two wheels. On Mosher Island off the coast of Canada’s Nova Scotia province, self-isolation takes on a different meaning. No need to worry about social distancing, there is no one to keep a distance from. The island only has two residents, a former lighthouse keeper and his wife. Greg Mercer paid them a visit. Presenter: Kate Adie Producer: Arlene Gregorius
Thursday, November 12, 2020 5:32am
US election: Georgia, the new swing state?
In the US, lots of eyes are still on the outcome of the election in Georgia. Joe Biden appears to have to have narrowly won the state, but the margin is so narrow that local law requires a recount. Suzanne Kianpour hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and found herself back there as the votes were being counted. Parts of South East Asia’s largest remaining rainforests, in Indonesia’s Papua province, are being cleared to make way for oil palm plantations. Rebecca Henschke has been investigating allegations a Korean palm oil company was involved in unfair land deals with local tribes, and she hears from clan elders about what’s been lost. Venice is built on a lagoon, with canals for streets, and floods a common occurrence. There was a particularly devastating surge a year ago today. A flood barrier, delayed for decades, finally had its first full test last month. Called Mose, like Italian for Moses, will it be able to stop rising Venetian seas? Julia Buckley has been testing the waters. Iran has often been accused of repression at home – and assassination abroad. The regime targets its critics and enemies anywhere in the world and has been implicated in attacks from Argentina to the Netherlands. Jiyar Gol has been investigating the killings of two Dutch-Iranians . Have you come across the Greek dish kleftiko? It’s slow-cooked lamb. The name is related to the words kleptocracy and kleptomania, the “klept” part of it being from the Greek for thief. In the case of the lamb recipe, the theft refers to sheep rustling. A tradition that goes back a long way in Crete, says Heidi Fuller-Love, but has recently become more serious. Presenter: Kate Adie Producer: Arlene Gregorius