Problems In Managing Government Publications In Academic Libraries In Sierra Leone


In Sierra Leone the terms ‘official publications’, official documents’, and ‘public documents’ are synonymous with government publications. Government publications, simply put, are documents created by government and local and quasi-government bodies explaining and integrating views and polices. They represent the historical and current development authorities of government and provide data on a wide variety of subjects to include Political Science, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Labor, Industry, History, International Relations, Agriculture, Geology and Meteorology. Katz (1997) classed these publications into Academics : (1) records of government administration (2).research documents for specialists including a considerable number of statistics and data of value to science and business (3).popular sources of information. Their physical form being either a book, pamphlet, magazine, report monograph or electronic, especially CD-ROM (p.387).

Bibliographic control in many parts of the world is seemingly unsatisfactory due largely to lack of awareness of the importance of bibliographic tools in research in government publications. The United States of America, for example, was for a long time a pioneer in this field. As far back as 1895 the Printing Act of January 12 of that year (28 statute, 601-624) not only established centralized printing and distribution of federal documents but also instructed the Superintendent of Documents to provide appropriate tools for bibliographic control of the documents published. Great Britain is an outstanding exception for as far back as 1807 collections of parliamentary papers were printed. Countries such as Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Japan began separating government document bibliographies mainly in the 1920s and 1930s (Palic,1975). However a great need for the use of government publications was felt following World War 11 (1939-1945), when there was an increased interest in the authoritative information contained in such publications as posited by child’s (1942) in his introductory notes that ‘more and more the importance of government documentation is being recognized despite the refractory nature of some of these materials’

In parallel the emphasis made on the usefulness of government publications in Sierra Leone is associated with the development of printing which can be traced as far back as the founding of the Colony of Sierra Leone in 1787. Although the industry didn’t survive the French attack of 1794 the foundation stone of what later became known as the Government Printing Department was laid in 1925 when it was charged with the production of small notices for official use. Currently the Department prints all government publications and supplies stationery and office equipment of government departments. It also undertakes a fair amount of commercial printing as income generating measures.

Government publications usually have the advantage of being among the best in their subject fields often not easily available to others (Smith, 1993). In lieu of the extent and complexity of government activities there is a need for the widespread dissemination of information about these activities and for popular integration of government policy. No wonder why government publications have special value to academic library collections and their authority is permanent. In academic libraries in Sierra Leone these publications are put aside into a special collection manned by a curator as at Fourah Bay College Library. Some are kept in vertical files; others are placed in pamphlet boxes, while those like maps and surveys are given specialized storage. These publications are acquired mainly by purchase, deposit, donation, exchange and photocopying. The Government Printing Department is responsible for their publication


The expansion of government in Sierra Leone’s post-war reconstruction era at local, national and international levels has resulted in increasing her influence on the life of the citizenry. Simultaneously with this expansion is the proliferation of official and semi official agencies, commissions and bureaus which continue to publish works such as directories, regulations, reports, bills, Acts and technical literature which many a researchers, educators, public service functionaries, welfare recipients and the unemployed can not do without reference to such publications. Since librarians serve as interface between users and government they have for long recognized the problems which such a plethora of collection can pose and have been making tremendous strides to address the issue. The essence here is to provide systematic controls to avoid the disappearance, into oblivion, of essential official publications.

In Sierra Leone government publications fall within three general classes: Executive, Legislative ands Judicial. The Executive publications include those issued by the Offices of the President and the Vice President, and various independent offices and establishments such as National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), National Revenue Authority (NRA), Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), National Commission for Privatization (NCP) and the Office of the Ombudsman. Also included are government ministries such as the Ministries of defense; Education, Youth and Sports; Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation; Tourism and Cultural Affairs; Local Government and Community Development; Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security; Trade and Industry; Internal Affairs; labor and Industrial Relations; and Development and Economic Planning.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry, for example, is responsible for both internal and international trade and the promotion of exports. It has powers over customs and excise, tariffs, insurance, patents, trademarks, standards, weights and measures. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is responsible for Sierra Leone’s relationship with foreign and Commonwealth countries while the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security is responsible for administrating government policy on agriculture, horticulture and food security. This Ministry offers practical guidance to farmers, commercial producers of horticultural crops and research.The Ministry of Internal Affairs deals with the maintenance of law and order, the Police and Fire Forces, administration of the prisons and the treatment of offenders. Other miscellaneous matters dealt with by this ministry include explosives, firearms, dangerous drugs, prisons, shops, public safety, entertainment, cremation, bylaws and good rule and formal business. The aforementioned functions and similar ones carried out by other ministries require the creation and maintenance of publications. There is also documentation of press briefings given by the varied heads of ministries and newsletters, which are channels for respective ministries there-by making them more public-relations conscious.




Obagi Toner- Some sort of Exhilarating Mixture of 100 % natural ingredients

Identify:Obagi Toner- Some sort of Exhilarating Mixture of 100 % natural ingredients
Concept Matter:


Obagi Toner is usually Next step from the Obagi Nu Derm process, the item prepares skin intended for the usage of Obagi Distinct.

Key terms:
Obagi Toner

Document Human body:
Obagi Toner is usually a exhilarating mixture of 100 % natural ingredients which often hydrates in addition to shades and tones skin though reestablishing a usual pH sense of balance. This Obagi Toner marvelous toner it does not play havoc skin extremely, including different favorite toners. Rather then blow drying skin Obagi Toner restores this healthy pH sense of balance of this skin tone.

Beneath instruction of this Health practitioner or maybe healthy skin care skilled, this Obagi process connected with merchandise aids you to accurate pimples, scars, exterior tint, melasma, solar deterioration in addition to influences cell phone repair to create returning this spark connected with healthy, more radiant shopping skin tone. While using the Obagi toner along with the Obagi brand of merchandise, skin will likely be better, by natural means succulent, improved, harder, far more sturdy, and just far more wonderful.
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Almost all toners currently usually are pH handling in addition to characterize the latest way from the healthy skin care marketplace, even so many toners dried the epidermis extremely in addition to this may not be great, especially when skin ailment is at risk from possibly be dried. Recommendations intended for work with, it is best to fresh skin having Obagi Solution or maybe a soothing solution, subsequently employ Obagi toner on your experience in addition to fretboard that has a silk cotton baseball. WILL NOT rinse off down.

Materials include things like: witch hazel distillate, potassium alum, filtered mineral water, aloe barbadensis solution, salt PCA panthenol, calendula officinalis get, saponis, smell, DMDM hydantion, polysorbate 60, allantoin, sage get, FD& G violet #1

Obagi Toner is usually Next step from the Obagi Nu Derm process, the item prepares skin intended for the usage of Obagi Distinct. Obagi merchandise showcase skin tone clean up for the cellphone levels, not like different healthy skin care merchandise of which solely address the issues at first glance. It is better that you seek the advice of your personal doctor or maybe healthy skin care skilled previous to applying any good healthy skin care cures.

You can certainly uncover and get Obagi toner along with good merchandise on the Obagi brand, for the quite a few on the net Magnificence outlets in addition to skin-care sites readily available on-line. Specific Obagi Merchandise are offered even so the Obagi brand of merchandise usually are most beneficial whenever they utilized in concert to be a finish healthy skin care treatment method.


Web strategy

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Mabye It is Period To have an Acne breakouts Diet plan

Mabye It is Period To have an Acne breakouts Diet plan

Term Depend:

If you have ever endured acne breakouts, then you definitely have to know exactly how distressing this particular condition should be in the event that remaining unwatched. As well as simply because this particular annoyance show itself within our look, it may erode self-confidence in certain people.

However help to make absolutely no error about this, the actual event associated with acne breakouts isn’t uncommon trend, then when it’s attacks, you have to cease this go ahead and feasible, as well as fortunately, using the amazing source from the fingertips may allow all of us shoot for a good acne breakouts free of charge pores and skin.

Even though proper skincare program…

Online psykiater

Key phrases:

Post Entire body:
If you have ever endured acne breakouts, then you definitely have to know exactly how distressing this particular condition should be in the event that remaining unwatched. As well as simply because this particular annoyance show itself within our look, it may erode self-confidence in certain people.

However help to make absolutely no error about this, the actual event associated with acne breakouts isn’t uncommon trend, then when it’s attacks, you have to cease this go ahead and feasible, as well as fortunately, using the amazing source from the fingertips may allow all of us shoot for a good acne breakouts free of charge pores and skin.

Even though proper skincare program as well as suitable treatment options tend to be essential within stopping pores and skin imperfections, it’s not about your own outdoors. We ought to not really ignore the interior actions from the entire body as well. For this reason acne breakouts diet programs are very important.

The topic of acne breakouts diet programs is probably not unusual for you, since it issues that which you consume as well as exactly how which show itself in your pores and skin.

A few couple of winters back We is at the physician’s workplace along with my spouse, who had been presently there for any back again pain evaluation. In that time period I’d chapped mouth, as well as experienced asked for when the physician experienced a few top cream.

Getting 1 glance from me personally, a doctor knowledgeable me personally which my personal diet plan is due to the current situation associated with my personal mouth. As well as your woman described which getting correct healthy diet programs as well as liquids might avoid chapped mouth. This particular amazed me personally, however We offered this a go.

I’ve halted utilizing top lotions as well as my personal chapped mouth have died. The actual physician’s technique although seems weird, however it certainly proved helpful. And when can function about the mouth, this means it is also put on your skin.

1 truth many people have no idea is actually which a few material the meals all of us consume tend to be excretes back again with the follicles, which ought to help to make all of us understand that acne breakouts diet programs is vital for many individuals, which meals for example treats, which has higher body fat as well as oil would be the precursors associated with pimples.

To keep correct acne breakouts diet programs, a person diet plan will include fruit, veggies, natural items, no prepared products, as well as lots of drinking water. This particular acne breakouts diet plan is actually recommended for individuals grappling along with acne difficulties.

It’ll definitely eliminate their own pores and skin imperfections. As well as if you wish to learn more information about acne breakouts diet programs, you can examine the web.


Hoe kom ik aan (gratis) rechtshulp of juridisch advies?

Voor hulp bij een juridisch probleem  of warfare kunt u aankloppen bij verschillende instanties en personen.

Wilt u weten waar u terecht kunt voor juridisch advies? Maak dan gebruik van de Rechtwijzer. U beantwoordt on-line een aantal vragen. Daarna leest u wat u moet doen en wie u daarbij kan helpen.

Sociaal raadslieden
Sociaal raadslieden geven free of charge informatie en advies. Bijvoorbeeld over uitkeringen, belastingen of uw rechten bij de overheid. Ze kunnen u alrighthelpen met het invullen van een formulier of als u een bezwaarschrift wilt schrijven.

Het Juridisch Loket
Bij het Juridisch Loket kunt u terecht met juridische vragen. Bijvoorbeeld over werk, ontslag, bewindvoering, familiekwesties of problemen met producten of diensten die u koopt (consumentenrecht). Informatie en advies zijn free of charge. Als u een laag inkomen en vermogen hebt kunt u okaygratis gebruikmaken van het spreekuur, waarin u uitgebreider advies krijgt. Pas als blijkt dat u een advocaat of een mediator nodig heeft, moet u hiervoor betalen.

Voor vragen over rechtshulp of direct advies kunt u terecht bij Stichting De Rechtswinkel. Zij geven gratis advies over huurrecht, arbeidsrecht, socialezekerheidsrecht en consumentenrecht.

Een advocaat geeft juridisch advies en juridische bijstand. Hij of zij probeert eerst door onderhandeling voor u een regeling te treffen met de andere partij. Pas als dat niet lukt, stapt de advocaat naar de rechter of verwijst u naar een mediator. Vaak heeft een advocaat een bepaald specialisme, zoals strafzaken. Kijk op advocatenspreekuur.Nl voor meer informatie.

ConsuWijzer geeft praktisch advies over uw rechten als consument. Bijvoorbeeld als u ongewild aan een abonnement vastzit of het niet eens bent met een rekening. Op de website van ConsuWijzer vindt u bovendien praktische hulpmiddelen. Bijvoorbeeld infobladen en voorbeeldbrieven om een klacht in te dienen bij een bedrijf.

Wetwinkel Amsterdam
Bij de Wetwinkel Amsterdam krijgt u gratis juridisch advies.

Advies bij het Sociaal Loket
U kunt voor meer informatie en advies over dit onderwerp o.K.Terecht bij het Sociaal Loket in uw buurt.

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raised loft storage for new


Bought a ultra-modern   residence and want greater garage?
Been instructed you can not have loft boarding with the aid of your builder?
Got an older house with upgraded insulation?
Want to use your loft for garage however the insulation is to high?
Now you could utilise your loft area for storage while not having to squash or disposing of your loft insulation

How can I use my closely insulated loft for storage?
The most inexpensive and simplest strategy to the very common trouble of storing gadgets in a totally-insulated loft is to install a raised ground above the insulation.

The LOFT-E™ adjustable loft floor help has been designed to solve problems while planning on boarding your loft for garage.
Firstly boarding immediately on top of your loft insulation is wrong. Squashing or having to get rid of the present loft insulation ought to in no way be finished.
Building above the insulation is now feasible by the usage of a product this is designed to ultimate an entire life. The LOFT-E™ adjustable raised loft floor leg can not only raise the loft ground platform above the insulation level, but it is able to additionally account for variations in joist peak.
Secondly, a static loft leg works quality in case your loft joists are perfectly stage to each different, but if they are now not, then you definitely ought to start the usage of packing pieces to get a degree, which isn’t always the high-quality manner.

The LoftZone Raised Loft StoreFloor is a lightweight, low price, clean-to-deploy and very sturdy platform for storing objects and walking on, even as protective the 270mm loft insulation and allowing it to keep energy and cut fuel bills as meant.
StoreFloor protects the insulation below it, and affords a robust ground for secure get right of entry to or storage and is ideal for light-weight useage.

Why it’s crucial to insulate your loft
Most people understand it is critical to insulate your loft, due to the fact if you do not, 25% of your heating payments go out through your roof. The Government recommends that everyone insulates to a depth of 270mm in the event that they use rolls of mineral wool insulation (this is the fluffy things you see in maximum DIY shops, and is the most cost-effective solution). It’s cheap and relatively simple to do this, it will pay for itself rapidly, and it’ll assist you to feel warmer in the winter and cooler at night within the summer season.

Millions of humans inside the UK have not but insulated their lofts to 270mm, and the 2 most important reasons for this are the need for storage and safe get entry to.

I need to insulate my loft, but what can I do with all my stuff up there?
You’re no longer by myself – the big majority of UK families use their lofts for storage. But the more insulation required to cut gasoline bills and store electricity makes it very hard to use the loft area for storage. Many humans positioned boxes on top of the insulation or, even worse, placed boards down on pinnacle of the joists. This is a first-rate no-no as, in each cases, the insulation receives compressed. Squashed insulation doesn’t perform thoroughly! – the mineral wool loft insulation works because of the air trapped within the insulation and in case you compress it, the air gets squeezed out, making it a whole lot less powerful.

The only manner to use a loft with the whole 270mm of insulation for garage is to install a raised loft floor above the insulation. This is a low price however essential addition if you want to store items to your loft and get the whole benefit of your insulation. The LoftZone StoreFloor is the simplest machine to do that that is cheap, smooth to install and secure.


Safety and safe get admission to on your loft
How can I make my insulated loft safe to walk on? Another not unusual trouble with a totally-insulated loft is the way to then properly access gadgets saved or set up up there. It isn’t simply your possessions you may want to get right of entry to: water tanks, boilers, solar inverters all require protection once in a while. But, as soon as you’ve got 270mm of insulation, you can now not see the loft trusses and joists which means it is hard to safely walk or crawl within the loft: one incorrect step and you can positioned your foot thru the ceiling!

Adding an area of raised loft flooring affords a safe and convenient way for house owners, engineers and surveyors to get right of entry to objects in their insulated loft.


What’s the answer?
The answer is to construct above the insulation through either using LOFT-E™ or LoftZone raised loft leg device. This will avoid compromising your existing loft insulation and will come up with a safe and strong platform to walk and keep on. You wont want to squash or sacrifice any insulation to create a loft storage ground.

So how can I get this established?

These producers have a network of installers covering most of the UK who are authorised to installer LOFT-E or LoftZone products.
To find your nearest authorized installer call 0800 8799967

The North of England has a LOFT-E and LoftZone producer accepted installer with certified fitters which is UK Loft Boarding and you may contact them from by using calling their wide variety without delay 01254 370073 www.Loft-boarding.Com

UK Loft Boarding also are individuals of the Safe Trader Scheme run through LCC Trading Standards. For other areas please call 0800 8799967 and they’ll put you in contact along with your neighborhood installer.
We might handiest advise those products be installed by a LoftZone permitted and certified installer.



LOFT-E™ gadget incorporates of a metal adjustable leg to construct a safe strong raised garage place.


The particular floor aid is adjustable to allow versions in joists heights


Raising the height from 165mm to 285mm above the joist leaving lots of room on your insulation


LoftZone device incorporates of 4 additives to construct a secure robust raised storage region.


The unique strong stilt and beam machine is established on the present ceiling joists


Raising the height to 270mm above the joist leaving masses of room to your insulation


Create a storage location above the insulation
No need to put off the insulation to board
No want to squash the insulation
Still 100% electricity saving efficiency
Save for your power payments
Wood is heavier than the other structures
Less components required to make a secure floor
Cost much less to install than equal in timber
Our strategies are quicker to install, executed in a day
They can be eliminated and fitted someplace else
We do loft ladders and loft hatches
We do loft hatch enhancements and enlarging
We can deploy lighting fixtures and sockets
Balustrades safety rails and loft insulation top-up
Mini loft conversions and luxury garage rooms
Designed b


How Can You Turn out to be an Electrician

Unsurprisingly it can be impossible for us to think of just one respond to that fits each man or woman.Some tradespeople will likely have a far more satisfying and prosperous vocation as an electrician, while for Many others It will likely be for a plumber Or maybe a thing wholly different.And that is the better trade genuinely will come all the way down to the folks accomplishing it.  The trouble you put in plus the pride you are taking within your plomero cancun get the job done may have a greater impression than which trade you select.Also consider linked articles or blog posts to the Tradify weblog: Builders vs Plumbers , Builders vs Electricians , Plumbers vs Electricians – Which Trade is the Best Trade? , Which Trade is the highest Trade for 2016 Up to now?  With regard to the Guest Creator: Shane Moore may be the founder of Trade Risk, Australia’s most awarded insurance coverage broker specialising in tradespeople.  They look after the small business insurance policies requires of 1000s of electricians, plumbers and all other making trades.

Electrical operate was found as much cleaner and fewer stressful on the human body, Whilst a few commented that a slip-up even though executing plumbing could get you dirty, although a slip-up on electrical work could kill you.Staying social media marketing, there were plenty of pleasant jibes traveling in all Instructions.  Electricians were being accused of in no way cleaning up immediately after on their own and only needing to understand how to twist colour-coded wires together! Plumbers ended up advised they only required to know two things; that liquid runs downhill and never to chew their fingernails!On a far more major Take note, it absolutely was reported that the market for electricians was turning into more saturated than for plumbers, which produced it tougher to get jobs with no slicing prices.  If this development was to carry on it may lead to electrician’s earnings dropping noticeably below plumbers.

A fascinating place of dialogue was close to each trades’ contribution to Modern society. You might not think it over, but plumbing has a massive impact on the well being of the entire world.  It provides us clean h2o and diverts absent the squander we generate.None besides Albert Einstein recognised the significance of plumbers on the globe when he reported this:“If I could be a young gentleman yet again and had to choose how to create agen judi slot Terbesar Dan Terpercaya my residing, I would not try out to be a scientist or scholar or Instructor. I would rather prefer to be considered a plumber.”If that’s not a glowing endorsement for plumbers, we don’t really know what is!Of course electricians do their honest share too.  How would everyday living saving equipment in hospitals functionality with out a responsible provide of electric power?It’s fair to claim that both plumbing and electrical get the job done Participate in a massively vital aspect in the fashionable planet.




Helpful Social networking Methods for Branding

Social media people have passed The three.eight billion mark, which is important when you think about there are actually 4.5 million Online people all over the world. By making a sturdy manufacturer presence on social networking, you may achieve a broader audience and transform your income. What on earth is Branding Branding is much more than a logo and currently being a multi-billion dollar enterprise. A model is how individuals understand your solution, service, business, even you as an individual. The intention with branding is to make certain that perception could be the one you desire folks to have. Whether or not You’re not actively internet marketing your brand name, that perception will still exist. Brand Plans on Social Media When star seo fort lauderdale ting up the social media branding technique, the primary vital is to established your makes goals. What are you wanting to achieve? The commonest are: Driving consciousness of your respective service or product Making organization by way of new qualified prospects Escalating income Increasing customer loyalty Delivering the next normal of customer care Leading Social media marketing Methods for Branding

You don’t must be on each individual social media marketing platform. Come across your audience exactly where These are and aim your initiatives there. Undertaking an incredible on one platform is much more powerful than doing a bit on them all. For those who don’t have the the perfect time to spending plan, begin with a single and dedicate your entire obt social media marketing fort lauderdale ainable time and energy to it. Study your lessons, choose your lumps. Then utilize your learning to one other social platforms once you can. Regularity Matters Be steady on social media marketing platforms. If You aren’t submitting continuously and often, then You aren’t noticeable. Creating a brand doesn’t take place right away. It will take time and commitment. Your brand’s profile across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, your organization blog and almost everywhere else need to be unified and according to your model identification. Although the written content could range a result of the demographics on Every single platform, it need to even now be cohesive. An important point is to make certain your profiles have a common thread that folks will acknowledge as your brand.

Social media marketing Procedures for Manufacturer Voice and Style Your products or services, moreover the demographics on the target audience, will figure  fort lauderdale intracoastal realtor out the voice and magnificence of the manufacturer on social websites. Depending on your goal personas, you can understand what appeals to them and the kind of tone that the model can communicate in. Determine, what is the primary reason your brand is on social networking, is to coach or entertain. Typically, it could be a combination of The 2. You wish your social media to own data, but in addition you could possibly learn that some entertainment helps peak fascination and engage your audience. When you finally make these conclusions place with each other a style guideline so that it may be a reference document for any person in the corporation who speaks on behalf in the manufacturer. Also involve vocabulary, catchphrases, and identity characteristics.

Visible Branding on Social media marketing

The type guide must incorporate Visible branding elements. You wish to provide the exact same colours, and fonts mirrored as part of your pictures, graphics, and movies. Each time a online video is printed, tend to be the overlay text fonts much like people who you employ in your blog site submit’s featured picture? With time, your clients begin to see the regularity in posts and start to acknowledge whenever a write-up is from you without the need of looking at your brand name’s logo or social websites handle. Such a manufacturer recognition is the ultimate purpose in your social networking branding endeavours.Produce graphic templates for the same type of announcement. Not merely will They give the impression of being the exact same, but In addition it will save time when  posting. Have Discussions on Social Media Concentrate on building a connection with buyers by conversing, interacting, and caring. Steer clear of around selling products and solutions or solutions. Give information, react back to remarks, and DM’s. Persons would like to have faith in a brand name that values them.

Social networking Procedures for Telling your Model Tale Individuals appreciate a very good Tale. Telling a story has a robust outcome it will cause them to turn the Tale into their own personal thought and experience. It presents them a personal knowledge about the corporation or prospects who love the model. Begin to see the Effects Social media is a lot more than a branding Device, it really is a way to correctly jump out and keep shoppers engaged and intrigued. Executing the strategies to get to the plans can occasionally be one of the most difficult Section of a social networking branding approach. Nevertheless, with some setting up and consistency, you will notice the effect both of those on social media, click on premiums, and revenue. Your model will reach its aims!


How to Choose a Good Health Insurance Plan

A good health insurance plan is one of the most important things you need to have for yourself and for your family. But what should a good health insurance plan consist of?

It can be a bit of a challenge today to find the right insurance plan for yourself and your family because of the diverse options available. However, when you are choosing a good health insurance plan, don’t simply base your decision on the cost of the monthly premium.

Know the details of the health insurance plan – what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. Also find out the health insurance plan’s in-network as opposed to out-of-network coverage and expenses. What are its co-payment amounts, deductible amount per family member if applicable, and the coverage caps?

Understand what your needs and your family’s needs are when you are deciding on what health insurance to get. Should the health insurance plan cover just you or should it cover you and your spouse? Should it cover you and one child or do you need a health insurance plan that will cover your entire family?

The next step is to find out the health needs of everyone whom you want to include in your health insurance plan. This step can be quite complicated. Are you and the others in good health overall? Does anyone have any pre-existing conditions? Would you at any time feel the need to approach certain medical specialists or institutions? Once you answer these questions, you will be ready to start choosing a good health insurance plan.

You will need to gather all possible health insurance options available for you and your needs. If your employer is offering group insurance, your options may be limited. If you are self-employed, you will have to choose from the different private health insurance plans. Whatever your case is, you need to understand the difference between the two basic types of health insurance plans offered today: the Indemnity Plan and the Managed Care Plan.

With an Indemnity Plan, you are free to choose when and where you want to get medical assistance. This type of health insurance plan has a higher out-of-pocket cost, but for many people, the added price is fair when they consider the freedom they are getting.

With a Managed Care Plan, you are required to only use the services of medical professionals and institutions that are part of the plan’s “network”. In general, you would need pre-approval for medical services beyond basic preventive care. In terms of costs, the costs of Managed Care Plan are lower.

A Managed Care Plan is a good choice if you (or your dependents) don’t have major health problems, are not concerned about who provides you medical services, or have to keep tabs on your medical costs.

Of course, this was just a very basic overview of the two types of health insurance plans. You can research these two plans and study them more deeply.

After deciding if you want a Managed Care Plan or Indemnity Plan, the next step you need to take is choosing the right health insurance company to provide you the health coverage you need. There are many health insurance companies today – from the famous corporate giants to the small, single-owned business.




Top 3 Beaufort, SC Real Estate Investments

In the town of Beaufort South Carolina, three areas immediately come to mind as the areas best investment opportunities. Because Beaufort is perhaps the last remaining South Carolina coastal town in which development has not completely taken hold. If history is a window to the future, the unprecedented development of Myrtle Beach, Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Bluffton, and Hilton Head hints that it is only a matter of time until an influx of people, businesses, and homes hits this sleepy town.

It’s believed that the start of prosperity had already begun until the country’s economic slowdown. Myrtle Beach Real Estate Companies While at a snails pace now, the economy will rebound as it always has before. With the future of large scale growth very probable, investors will start to narrow down area with the greatest potential for profit. As individuals and companies alike focus in on Beaufort SC, they will likely become trained on three areas: the downtown Beaufort Historic District, commercial property on the Robert Smalls Parkway corridor, and acreage/waterfront property on St. Helena Island top the list of best investment real estate in the Beaufort South Carolina area.

Historic Downtown Beaufort SC is home to a unique area which lends itself to be a top investment area in the near future. The preservation of so many historic dwellings in downtown Beaufort makes the housing market extremely diverse to the buyer. Homes include large stately homes from the 1800’s, carriage houses turned into single family residences, townhomes from the 1700’s and homes built in the early 1900’s. Homes and neighborhoods are charming, with wrought iron gates, courtyard gardens and live-oak lined streets. Culture which includes horse drawn carriages that clippity-clop past grand homes, offices, shops, and upscale restaurants makes this market very desirable.

What makes the future investment in downtown so great are so great are the underway improvements to an area with so many already in-place advantages. Current project underway include the Bladen St. revitalization project and the Boundary St. Municipal project. Bladen St. has now been upgrades with new street lamps, freshly paved asphalt, and beautiful new sidewalks. The new Municipal buildings on Boundary Street are in the various construction phases to be completed by the end of 2009. The ascetic improvements are already evident. These improvements will propel home renovations, nicer homes to be built, and an overall rise in property value. Improvements like the one on Bladen Street are planned for the remainder of downtown, which will greatly improve the already desirable area. Since similar improvements in Charleston SC were completed in the 1990s, home vales have more than doubled. Expectation for downtown Beaufort SC are high, and rightfully so.

The next Beaufort SC real estate area which could see large property value increases in coming years is the commercial corridor of Robert Smalls Parkway. Anchored by the Cross Creek Shopping Center featuring a Super Center Wal-Mart, this commercial district is on the verge of exploding. In just the past 12 months Bojangles, Arby’s, Sake House, International House of Pancakes, Jersey Mikes, and other national retailers have opened their doors. Citing the Beaufort County Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service, several hundred undeveloped acres are currently for sale along the parkway. While no area is a sure thing, commercial real estate in this area is one of Beaufort’s best investment areas.

The final area for great investment potential in Beaufort is waterfront property on St. Helena Island. Rural and for the most part undeveloped, St. Helena Island has oceanfront, riverfront, and tidal creek lots. With a buyer able to purchase an acre on deep water in the $300,000 range, property here is a great deal. Waterfront lots on St. Helena are often less than half the price as comparable lots in Charleston, Hilton Head, Bluffton or Mt. Pleasant. Is development coming to the St. Helena Island? You bet. Located directly between the oceanfront resorts of Fripp and Harbor Islands and Lady’s Island, the centralized location leaves no doubt. The biggest question is how long an investor will have to wait to turn a profit here. The answer depends on your age. An educated estimate would say five years. For investors who are at or nearing retirement age, this might not be your cup of tea. For everyone else, St. Helena waterfront lots are a sure bet for substantial growth in value.

Regardless if Downtown Beaufort, the Robert Smalls commercial corridor, or waterfront land on St. Helena Island, these investment areas are an investors best bet when it comes to investing in the Beaufort SC area.

Todd Covington is a full-time real estate agent in Beaufort, SC. He owns Lowcountry Properties and works with a team of three agents to give buyers and sellers the best services possible. You can search for homes and vacant land on our website at